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Saltwater Fly Lines

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  •   Features

    • Short front taper And mid length belly
    • Loads easily and turns over nicely while remaining stable in the air
    • Low stretch core prevents memory and drives hook sets home
    • Designed for highest performance in cold water for stripers, albies, bluefish and salmon
    • Castability and fast sinking capabilities ideal for inlet snook and deep dropping offshore in tropical conditions
  •   Features

    • Gull Grey/Sandy Tan color
    • Ridged construction for reduced friction in the guides and easier gripping when casting and setting hook
    • Patented dual layer polyurethane construction improves line performance while offering longer line life
    • Low stretch power core for improved line stability during cast, less line memory, and positive hook set
    • Seamless welded loops
  •   Features

    • Extended rear taper acts as a buffer zone on longer casts, allowing you to aerialise more line without collapse
    • Power core allows you to set hooks even at hero range
    • Ridges improve shootability, reduce noise and help prevent tangles
  • Features

    • 100% PVC Free
    • Welded loops on both ends.
    • Power core technology for strip sets.
    • Ridge technology for reduced friction
    • Deet proof with double layer polyrethane contrusction.

Showing all 4 results

Shop for saltwater fly lines with Ole Florida. Browse our selection of top-of-the-line saltwater floating, sinking and sink tip fly lines. We carry fly lines from the brands we all trust such as RIO, Cortland, AirFlo, Scientific Anglers, and Royal Wulff.