How The Abel Super Series Was Revamped For 2017

Abel Super Series Revamped 2017

The Abel Super Series has always been synonymous with success. Its incredibly smooth premium cork drag system’s ability to protect tippet on quick stop and start runs, as well as it’s capability of being cranked down to wear out pelagic brutes, has made the Super Series a favorite of record chasers and hardcore anglers since the series’ introduction. The beauty is in its simplicity – the more you crank down, the more unified the drag system becomes with the aerospace grade aluminum frame & spool. Eliminating the margin for something to go wrong. So even with a super effective drag system and one of the strongest frames/spools in the game, Abel still saw room for improvement. Here’s how the Super Series was reengineered for 2017.

Abel Super Series 2017 Lineup

Weight Reduction
Thanks to advancements in rod building technology, fly rods are lighter and stronger than they have ever been. Reels need to be equally lightweight so they can balance today’s rods. To shed some weight, Abel kept the double pawl system and relocated the bottom pawl to neighbor the top pawl, thus allowing them to port out the previously unported bottom half of the reel. Although it doesn’t look like much on paper, the difference in weight is definitely noticeable when you have the reels in hand.

Abel Super Series 2017 Porting

Larger Arbors
Somewhere along the journey the conclusion was made that picking up as much line as possible per rotation when a bonefish is running right at you or during a give-and-take battle with a tarpon is more important than a few extra yards of backing. That is why larger arbors have become a common theme amongst modern fly reels. For 2017, Abel increased the size of the arbor diameter by almost 15% compared to the previous Super N Series.

Abel Super Series 2017 Reel Diameter

Easier Spool Swaps
Gone are the days of the removable drawbar and the extra time that it took to swap spools because of it. To change the spool on the new Super Series, simply loosen the drag knob all the way and pop the spool off, easy as that.

Additonal Features
The counterweight and spool cap where the drawbar used to run through have been smoothed out for a more contemporary appearance. The handle has a new ergonomic, comfortable taper and the drag plate has a type III anodized finish to protect it from the wear and tear of the outgoing clickers.

The new Super Series arrived earlier this month and is already making a lot of noise.

2017 Abel Super Series CTA

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