Redington Grande Fly Reel Review

Redington Grande Review

The new Redington Grande reel is Redington’s best answer yet to the destructive forces of nature – mainly the salt and the power of the fish we need to stay connected to.

The foundation of the equation is the fully machined aluminum frame and spool. This reel is going to hold up to time and the beatings we put on gear.

Your primary assets in fighting fish with the Grande are the large arbor, the sealed and super smooth Super-Torque carbon drag system, the oversized palming rim, and the also oversized soft-touch ergonomic handle. The backing canal machined into the V-shaped spool prevents backing from collapsing on top of itself and allows you to pack a ton of it on there for when things go right.

A few key things on sizing to take away from the video: the reel (especially in the larger sizes) is a little on the heavier side. The last two numbers of each size are the ideal sizes. The 5/6/7 is best on a 6 or 7 weight, 7/8/9 on an 8 or 9 weight, the 9/10/11 makes an excellent 11 weight and a good 10 weight for a tarpon outfit on a heavier 10 weight rod. And so on. This is also the only reel in its price class with a 14+ weight size worthy of the fish you’ll do battle with on that size outfit.

Redington Grande Fly Reel in action

At a cost that fits where your budget does not represent your passion, the Redington Grande is a heavy-weight champion in the mid-price class of reels.

Redington Grande

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