An Overview Of The Scott Wave

The rod feels like a premium rod in your hand. The swing weight is the first thing we noticed. The rod is light and sharp with extremely fast recoil. This fast recoil allows for great rod tip tracking and control over your loops.

In close (under 50ft) the rod is deadly accurate and is very forgiving timing wise due to how easily it loads short. At the 50ft distance it’s a mere extension of your arm.

At distances greater than 50ft, timing is critical. With great timing you can lean into the rod’s backbone for good power and control over long casts, but you have to hit the sweetspot otherwise the rod will start to bog out.

We fished the Wave with the AirFlo Flats Universal Taper. It’s a good pairing for newer casters getting used to loading a fly rod, as well as for experienced anglers who make quick short casts i.e. redfish or bass fishing.

But for an all-around outfit we think a lighter line like the Scientific Anglers Amplitude Smooth Bonefish would be a better pairing. The bonefish line should help with control over long casts and, based on the Wave’s performance, shouldn’t compromise short shot control too much.

With a smooth handle, ceramic insert guides, alignment dots, and a great finish the Wave’s appearance is very on-brand for Scott Fly Rods.

Scott Wave
Scott Wave - 7 Weight 9Ft 4 Pc $675.00 0 available
Scott Wave
Scott Wave - 8 Weight 9Ft 4 Pc $675.00 3 available
Scott Wave
Scott Wave - 9 Weight 9Ft 4 Pc $675.00 2 available
Scott Wave
Scott Wave - 10 Weight 9Ft 4 Pc $675.00 1 available
Scott Wave
Scott Wave - 11 Weight 9Ft 4 Pc $675.00 1 available
Scott Wave
Scott Wave - 12 Weight 9Ft 4 Pc $675.00 1 available

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