Dr. Slick Cyclone Nippers | The Best Value Nippers

When it comes to high quality, you normally get a high price tag associated with that item, but not in this case. These have quickly become a shop favorite among employees and customers due to feedback.

I want to keep this quick and concise, so let’s get right into it. These nippers cut like butter with their anvil-style shape, making cutting Gel-Spun/braid/mono and dacron a breeze.

They are lightweight, with a spring that keeps them open nicely, fully anodized, and very corrosion-resistant. Another highly notable feature is their replaceable jaws. It comes with a second set of jaws, an allen key, and a locking ring lanyard. Additional jaws can be purchased separately if needed.

To me, these are a no-brainer to keep on the skiff and on the tying desk. They check all the boxes: value, usability, and longevity, all are of top quality.

Dr Slick Cyclone Nipper - Side Cutter $25.00 4 available
cyclone nipper
Dr Slick Cyclone Nipper - Front Cutter $25.00 3 available

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