South Florida Fishing Report October 2018

Fishing Report October 2018 bonefish

Here’s what’s going on in the waters of South Florida at the end of September, beginning of October 2018. In these reports our guides address the most current state of their specific fisheries and make short-term predictions based on their own historical experiences. Remember that there are many variables that can affect the fishing from day to day, so use these reports as a general outline to help you prepare for your next trip.

Biscayne Bay

The bonefish and permit fishing has been good and should only be getting better in the fall. While water temps are still very high look to fish deeper, cooler water.

Fall brings stronger and bigger tides, not only do the fish like stronger tides for the obvious reasons of how these fish like to feed in strong currents, but the tides also flush cooler more favorable temperature water for these fish. Look for the permit to be in bunches and remember that you’ll need heavier flies with stronger tides.


We’ve got it all going on out in the gulf right now. There are two major food sources down the entire coast that has the place looking like an all-you-can-eat. An abundance of glass and tiny minnows are sustaining both bigger and smaller snook, as well as huge schools of smaller redfish and 20-40lb tarpon. There has also been mullet pouring through, big mullet. When this wind breaks and as the mullet come in stronger, we can expect to be dealing with some bigger tarpon. The best fishing has come on the points, at the creek mouths, and in the rivers out in the gulf.

Inside, there have been a lot of smaller snook. This wind has been pushing a lot of water out of the inside larger bays and the snook are posting up in the rivers waiting to grab whatever is flowing out. Also on the inside, the baby tarpon have lit back up on a falling tide.

Capt Jason Sullivan

Lake Ida & Inshore Palm Beach

The peacock bass fishing is heating up. The fish are done spawning and are just out there eating now. Cooling water temps should only make the fish friskier until it gets too cold for too long.

There are a ton of juvenile tarpon and snook in the river up here. Due to the large amount of mullet and also white baits. The snook fishing at night has been on fire and tarpon (5-30 pounders) during the day with sinking lines and black/purple flies.

Capt Patrick Smith

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