What To Expect When Visiting South Florida | Fly Fishing Opportunities

The Fishing Opportunites in South Florida.

Whether it is running away from the cold, enjoying palm trees and light breezes, or tequila sunrises on the beach. Florida is a great escape and boasts world-class fishing that northerners vacationing south end up wanting to give a shot at. With so many options at your disposal you will be sure to get into some action regardless of having access to a boat or even being on a quick business trip!

Guided trips

Biscayne Bay provides opportunities for permit and tarpon as well as the bonefish of a lifetime on clear tropical flats.

The Everglades is a wilderness full of beauty and shots at tarpon, snook and redfish.

These two fisheries offer, what is in our opinion, some of the most incredible experiences in saltwater fly fishing. You’ll need a boat, and an experienced guide is extremely highly recommended.

Get info on all of our guides and gear you need here:
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For info on DIY fishing in South Florida keep reading!


Below are a few blog posts for the fishing opportunities that are easy to do without a guide (or boat). These posts below go into detail and give you an in-depth understanding of how to fish and what you need. We will cover a few more options along with these below.

Freshwater galore
Peacock bass and exotics can be an easy way to get a quick new species off that list of yours! Nonstop action and forgiveness for the growing angler. This fishing is perfect for anyone with any skillset! Read More

Fly Fishing Beach Snook

Sought-after snook & submarines
Birds diving, jacks crashing bait, and long black lines cruising the trough. Florida beaches are not just for tanning oil and umbrellas. Buckle up and bring the big guns cause the beach can be a humbling challenge! Read More

Life is life like a box of chocolates
The Tamiami Trail offers a mixed bag of fish species, you never know what you are going to get. From freshwater exotics to tarpon and snook, the trail has options for everyone and boasts some insane wildlife viewing at the time same! Read More

General intracoastal fishing

Another great option is along or inside the intracoastal. The limiting factor for this fishery is foot access. If you have the option to obtain a kayak or paddleboard from a house rental or rental shop – this is the best option. Paddling along the docks while throwing flies along seawalls and dock pilings can be extremely productive. With opportunities to catch snook, tarpon, and jacks along with many other species. We recommend an 8-9 weight and you can do an intermediate line for this fishing option. 9-foot 16lb leaders with 20-40lb bite depending on the fish you are seeing is perfect.

Gear you should bring.

Setups: If you have a 7,8 or 9 weight combo, bring it along!

7 Weight is perfect for all freshwater situations and light saltwater situations. Pair this with a floating line for versatile use.

8 Weight is perfect for your all arounder. If I could only bring one it would be an 8 weight. If you plan on just fishing the beach, intracoastal, and near coastal waters, an intermediate line would be better. If you plan on doing anything and everything (Flats fishing, Sight fishing) the floating line is much more versatile.

9 Weight is perfect if you want to focus on the beach and offshore. Having that little extra power to get through the wind and pull with a little more backbone is a great option. An intermediate line would be recommended if you choose the 9 weight.

As far as flies go, having Clouser minnows in #2-1/0 and multiple colors (White, White/Chartreuse, Black/Purple, Tan/White) and baitfish patterns in sizes #2-#2/0 in multiple colors and sizes (White, White/Chartreuse, Black/Purple, Tan/White)

Will have you covered in so many situations. Clouser minnows imitate a small shrimp or crustation and weight will help get the fly down if needed. While the baitfish pattern has you covered for just about anything that swims.

We also have put together multiple fly boxes for visiting Florida with hand-selected flies by us for your best fishing results. These boxes will have you set up for just about anything in their specific area/style of fishing.

  • Features

    • Save 10% vs buying each fly and the box separately
    • The essential flies for all conditions on beach
    • Tan, Olive, White and mullet colors for all baitfish matching situations
    • Small and larger profiles to match the exact size you are looking for
    Select options
  • Features

    • All the flies you need to succeed at docklight and bridge fishing.
    • Plently of baitfish patterns that snook key in on.
    • Flies that work from key west all the way to north Florida.
    • Small glass minnow and shrimp imitations for docklights, large mullet and shrimp silhouette patterns for bridges
    • Save 10% vs buying each fly and the box individually
    Select options
  • Features

    • Save 10% over buying seperate.
    • All the flies you need for success
    • Intracoastal and near-shore coverage.
    • Multiple colors, sizes and weights.
    • Waterproof durable saltwater fly box included.
    Select options
  • Features

    • Flies to have you covered in all situations.
    • Variate of weights for different water columns.
    • Bright colors to attract peacocks.
    Select options

A smaller hip pack is my go-to system for quicker trips out as it’s convenient and easy to use. I like to throw my smaller box of flies, a pair of nippers, a bottle of water, two extra leaders (9 Foot 16lb) along with some tippet spools (16lb, 25lb, 30lb) and I’m ready to take on the day.

  •   Features

    • Constructed with our new Cyclepond recycled fabrics
    • YKK Aquaguard #8 external water resistant zippers
    • Structured back air mesh panel to help carry heavy loads and keep cool
    • Cord loops for tool and accessory attachment
    • Compression Straps to distribute load, and expand to hold a rainjacket or other items on the bottom
    • Two exterior water bottle pockets
    • 11.5″ x 5″ x 8″; 305 cu. in.
    Select options
  •   Features

    • Rugged, waterproof design
    • Plenty of middle space to comfortably hold large flies
    • Inline foam inserts
    • 7.5″ x 4.5″ x 1.75″
    Select options
  •   Features

    • 100% fluorocarbon
    • Excellent abrasion resistance
    • Medium stiff
    • 8 lb – 12 lb 30 yd spool, 16 lb – 20 lb 25 yd spool, 25 lb – 50 lb 20 yd spool, 60 lb – 100 lb 15 yd spool
    Select options
  •   Features

    • Tungsten carbide cutting edges easily cut through any size tippet
    • Rubberized grips
    • Eye cleaner
    Select options

With all that being said, the main thing is you do not lose your fishing wisdom. Fish are still fish whether they are in a river or in an ocean.  Remember that when it comes to visiting Florida. Bring your knowledge of trout, striper, or any other style of fishing down here and use it to your advantage.

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