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How to Tie: Bonefish Gotcha

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Gotcha Material Kit
Gotcha Material Kit - #4 Pearl $41.12 0 available

Gotcha Materials Kit – #4 Pearl Includes:

The Gotcha is a staple bonefish flies for the Bahamas, Mexico and the Caribbean. It’s easy to throw and when it’s presented properly it has an incredible history of making bonefish commit to it.

It’s a fly every guide in the Caribbean would be adamant about you bringing. The video is for the standard #4 tan/pearl variation. The beauty of fly tying – you’ll also want to tie these in in #6s with smaller bead chain eyes. Depending on where you’re fishing, you might also want #8s with plastic eyes (no weight) and a weedguard, as well as #2s with heavier eyes.

Try throwing some pink in as well to even further catch the bonefish off-guard.

Materials To Make Your Own Gotcha Variations

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