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How To Tie: Faux Bucktail Clouser

Difficulty: easy

22% difficulty

Time: 5-10 minutes

25% timely

Cost: average

average cost
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Imitates: shrimp, glass minnow/fry/small baitfish, pilchard/whitebait/medium baitfish, mullet/large baitfish, crawfish, leach, ambiguous/something tasty

Target species: bonefish, permit, tarpon, snook, redfish, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, peacock bass, panfish, rainbow trout, brown trout, false albacore, blackfin tuna, dolphin (mahi), mackerel, barracuda, seatrout, common carp, sailfish, giant trevally, jack crevalle, bluefish, striped bass, snakeheads

Where to fish: flats, backcountry, intracoastal/inland bays and waterways, warmwater lakes/ponds/rivers/canals, coldwater lakes/ponds/rivers, bluewater/offshore, surf

Notes: The most universal fly, color and size can be modified to whatever the heart desires, will catch almost any fish on earth

Save 10% on materials with the kit:

About the fly:

This pattern is one of the most common ever made. The Faux Bucktail closer is a replica made with a synthetic material. Everything about this pattern is a direct copy of the standard Clouser minnow. Faux bucktail provides a ton of extra durability for any species that swim. From Dark muddy freshwater all the way to clear Saltwater Keys flats. This is a pattern to load the box with in multiple sizes and colors. An easy-to-tie “guide fly” pattern that is known to produce fish without a doubt.

Helpful tools/additional materials:

Cuts the Faux Bucktail well:


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