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How To Tie: The Red Jig Slider

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Red Jig Slider Materials Kit
Red Jig Slider Materials Kit - #1/0 $68.59 0 available

Red Jig Slider Materials Kit – 1/0 Includes:

  • Thread: Kevlar Thread – Orange
  • Hook: Umpqua XS506H – 1/0
  • Eyes: Flat-End Tungsten Hour Glass Eyes – Gold Med
  • Eyes: 3D Eyes – 3/16″ Solid Orange
  • Tail: Tiger Barred Magnum Rabbit Strips – Black Barred Orange Over Tan
  • Collar: Rabbit Strips Crosscut – Tan
  • Head: Premo Deer Hair Strips – Rusty Brown
  • Head: Premo Deer Hair Strips – Orange
  • Weedguard: Mason Hard Type Nylon 20lb.

How to tie the Red Jig Slider. Exactly as the name suggests, the Red Jig Slider is a slider-style fly, on a jig hook, for redfish from Louisiana to Key Largo. The fly’s successful track record can be attributed to how it pushes a good amount of water, has a ton of food-like movement from all the rabbit, and gets down to the fish.

In addition to the movement from the rabbit tail and collar, the key elements to this fly are the spun deer hair head and the Tungsten Hour Glass Eyes that are necessary to flip the fly over and have it swim correctly. Although the hair is spun on the top side of the hook shank (the side the fish see), mastering the technique lays the groundwork for creating all kinds of spun deer hair heads and bodies. Shop owner Darren Selznick originally tied the Red Jig Slider on the Mustad 91768NP-BN for its wide gap, but the Umpqua S506 is a good alternative if you need a heavier wire hook.

Here Are the Materials to come up with your own Red Jig Slider variations

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