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How to Tie: The Woolly Bugger

Save 10% on Materials with the Kit

Wooly Bugger MFC Kit
Woolly Bugger Material Kit - #6 Tan Standard (MFC Saddle) $34.14 1 available
Wooly Bugger Prime Ewing
Woolly Bugger Material Kit - #6 Tan Premium (Ewing) $53.85 0 available
Woolly Bugger Tying Kit White Premium Ewing
Woolly Bugger Material Kit - #6 White Premium (Ewing) $53.85 0 available

Woolly Bugger Materials Kits Include:

  • Tiemco 5263 – #6 25pk
  • Ultra Thread 140 – Tan: Tan | White: White
  • Cyclops Beads – Tan: 3/16 Copper | White: 3/16 Gold
  • Woolly Bugger Antron Chenille – Tan: Medium Tan | White: Medium White
  • Strung Marabou – Tan: Sand | White: White
  • Krystal Flash – Tan: Bonefish Tan | White: Gold
  • Premium: Ewing Deceiver Patch – Tan: Bleached Grizzly Natural | White: Solid White
  • Standard: MFC Barred Saddle Hackle – Tan: Tan/Black

How can you not love the Woolly Bugger – the simple time-tested streamer. It’s one of those flies that may have been your first tie, but you’re still tying and fishing it 20 years later.

And that’s because fish eat it. Baitfish, crayfish, large bug or leech – whatever the switch in a trout or bass’s brain is looking for, the Woolly Bugger triggers it.

Materials To Create Your Own Woolly Bugger Variations

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