EP Sculpt-A-Fly Fibers Review

Whether you’re wondering how Enrico Puglisi integrates the subtle flash into his baitfish patterns, or you’ve got it down but wouldn’t mind eliminating this step: EP Sculpt-A-Fly Fibers and Sculpt-A-Fly Fibers 3D are the answer. With these fibers, which are just EP Fibers or EP Fibers 3D blended with EP Sparkle, you can achieve the same effect without any additional effort.

EP Sculpt-A-Fly Fibers Flies assortment

Baitfish, crabs, shrimps, toads, or whatever else you tie with EP Fibers, if you’d like to add flash with no extra effort – check out EP Sculpt-A-Fly and EP Sculpt-A-Fly Fibers 3D here.

EP Sculpt-A-Fly Series

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