How To Tie The What’s Up Dock

The What’s Up Dock was created by shop owner Darren Selznick to imitate the small baits that Snook in South Florida chow on at night under the lights. It is a good imitation for both tiny baitfish and shrimp. The flash in the dubbing and SF Blend refects a ton of light and it has great micro movement that pulsates in the current. It can be modified in either color or weight to imitate any small baitfish and has worked well in Chartreuse and Root Beer on Largemouth and Peacock Bass. We have even caught Tuna and False Ablies offshore on the WUD when they become ultra selective.

What’s Up Dock Materials:

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Tie in the thread at the front of the hook behind the eye. Wrap to the rear and stop right above the barb just before the bend in the shank. Return to the front and figure-8 in the eyes about a hook eye length behind the hook eye. Put 2 or 3 parachute wraps between the shank and the eyes. Let thread hang behind the mono eyes.


Wrap to the rear of the hook and let thread hang right above the point. Leaving about 1/2″ – 1″ of bare thread, loosely dub a 3″ – 4″ thin strand of Pearl Ice Dub on the thread. Make sure to roll the dubbing on the thread in one direction with your thumb and index finger. Before you being to add the dubbing to the shank, wrap the bare thread towards the rear ending point where the body will begin.


Wrap the dubbing rope forward the and stop about 1/8″ behind the mono eyes. The body should have a slight taper to it. A thinner dubbing rope will help achive this a little easier.


Tie in a hank of White SF Blend right in front of the body and wind to the eyes. Thickness should be like a matchstick. I usually pull out half the amount I need then fold it over and cut it. This should give you enough material to tie 4 flies. Trim the butts right behind the mono eyes.


Cut the base of the SF Blend body wing at a 45° angle.


Tie in 4 pieces of Peacock Krystal Flash and wrap from the mono eyes to the base of the wing. Cut the strands at slightly different lengths, the shortest matching up to the longest SF Blend fiber. Make another thin single stranded dubbing rope from the Pearl Ice Dub.


Wrap the dubbing rope forward starting at the base of the body wing. Figure-8 around the mono eyes. The front of the body should be a little thicker than the rear. This will usually take two 4″-6″ lengths of dubbing. Whip finish a small head right behind the eye of the hook.


The last step is to take the tip of your Bodkin and pick at the Ice Dub so you get a shaggy look. All these micro fibers sticking out is what give the fly more life in the water.

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