How to Whip Finish Deer Hair/Bulky Flies with Pat Cohen

There’s no doubt that everyone who attended Pat Cohen’s seminars here went home with new tricks and ideas that’ll make them better fly tiers. Whether you couldn’t make it, need a refresher, or are just searching for solutions to common fly tying and deer hair work problems – this seminar highlights mini series provides some of the key moments & tips from the warmwater maestro’s demonstrations to help you become more effective at the vise.

So you’ve just finished stacking your deer hair or wrapping a dense fiber brush, and you’ve got this giant ball of material. You need to whip finish and cut the thread so you can start trimming, but the eye of the hook is engulfed in material. Now what? The solution has been right in front of you the whole time. Take one of the plastic bags your materials came in, cut a square out of it, put a slit in the square, then slide the thread through the slit and pop the eye of the hook through the plastic. Now you can control the material and do your whip finish without fighting the hairs or fibers. Pat demonstrates this what feels like life saving little trick (which he learned from an old legend, Chris Helm we believe), in the video above.

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