Tying The Eat Me Fly (Ole Florida Style)

Tying the Eat Me Fly (Ole Florida Style)

The Eat Me fly is one of the most productive patterns for just about any fish that eats smaller fish. Originally tied by Capt. Scott Hamilton for his offshore quarries, the Ole Florida style differs in that all the material is tied on top of the hook. This helps prevent fouling and provides a slightly slimmer profile. Much of the Eat Me’s success can be attributed to the heavy head from the epoxy, its realistic profile, its durability and its slight twitch when stripped.

Tie the Eat Me in the colors and size to match the baitfish that your target species is feeding on. The Olive/Polar Bear fly in the video is our standard pilchard imitation that consistently fools snook, tarpon, dolphin, albies and a multitude of other inshore and offshore saltwater species. When a larger fly is needed we will scale up to a 1/0 Owner Aki hook and 1/4″ Silver 3D Eyes.

Due to popular demand – we created this video to leave less to the imagination when creating the taper and head of the Eat Me, but if pictures are more your style check out the step by step Eat Me instructions.

We’ve recently updated the #4’s to be tied on the Gamakatsu SL12S Short after experimenting with this new hook on schoolie dolphin.

Eat Me Materials:

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