Tying The Foam Palolo

Tying The Foam Palolo

Palolo worm flies are a staple in any good tarpon fly box. Migrating tarpon have a weakness for these little red worms and their strong disposition to suck in a worm fly at any point in the season makes the Foam Palolo an excellent choice when trying to feed seemingly undistractable oceanside swimmers. Watching a tarpon sip a worm fly is unforgettable and if you’re lucky enough to catch the actual worm hatch, you’ll want more than a handful of worm flies at your disposal. Conveniently enough, the Foam Palolo is a simple tie and an easy fly to mass produce yourself.

The Foam Palolo has all the factors necessary to trick a tarpon into thinking he’s got an actual worm in his sights. It’s the right colors, the right profile, it tracks straight, and it rides high. The fly in the video is our tweak on a popular fly that originated in the Keys and has been producing fish for the past 5 years we’ve been tying it.
*For 2018 we started tying the Foam Palolo on 2/0 SL12S as it tracks slightly better
*Correction: cut the foam 3/16″ wide, not 3/8″

Foam Palolo Materials:

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