Tying The What’s Up Dock

Tying the What's Up Dock

What are snook in the dock and bridge lights looking for? What’s Up Docks. Well, actually tiny shrimp and glass minnows that are attracted to the lights, but to the snook the What’s Up Dock is exactly that. Designed by shop owner Darren Selznick, this fly has been producing snook under the stars since 2003. The translucency and reflectiveness give the fish confidence that what they’re looking at is food, and the micro movement from the Master Bright seals the deal as they go in for the kill.

The What’s Up Dock has also proven effective on albies eating snot baits, snook eating glass minnows in the surf, and baby tarpon on the Tamiami Trail. Easily modified in color and weight, chartreuse with heavier eyes is an easy target for nesting peacock bass. Orange could be the difference maker after the snook in the lights have seen some of their own take the pearl WUD a few times.

What’s Up Dock Materials:

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