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Flybin Rules


Post a step-by-step of your fly on Instagram. Help inspire other tyers. Win a $100 Ole Florida Fly Shop Gift Certificate + the option to be featured in our fly tying video vault.

#Flybin sets out to create social media’s best fly tying gallery by bringing tyers around the world under just a few hashtags so it’s easy to browse flies and find inspiration. Anyone can post with the hashtag #flybin, however to participate in the monthly #flybin giveaway you must:

  1. Post a step-by-step of your fly (see examples below)
    • Must be posted to your feed
    • Can be a video or an image slider
    • If it’s an image slider: post the completed fly as the first pic, then the steps following.
  2. Use the hashtag flybin and also the hashtag flybin+month+year of the current giveaway period
    • For example: #flybin #FlybinApril2024
    • To qualify for the gift card and video vault spot, must be posted in monthly period of hashtag (post for #FlyBinJuly2022 must be posted in July, no adding hashtags to previously posted posts)
    • It’s also highly recommended to categorize your fly with #flybin+species, for example: #flybinbonefish, #flybintarpon etc.
  3. Tag the olefloridaflyshop Instagram page

Each month’s winner will be awarded a gift certificate for $100. The winner will also have the option to be featured in our fly tying video vault. If the winner chooses to do so, they can either come into the shop and have us film them tying the fly, or send us the fly to reverse engineer for the video.

The winner will be chosen each month by a vote amongst our staff based on originality, appearance, creativity, and functionality (our best guess at how the fly will function). Eligibility requires that your Instagram profile is public, otherwise we might not be able to see your post.

Reach out if you have any questions. Happy tying!

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Example posts

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