Abel Rove | A Replacement For The Super Series

When it comes to fit and finish we all know that Abel sits at the top of the food chain for premium reels. The Rove increases the bar.

Design, industry-leading backing capacity and a full caged reel.

Right away you will notice a partially ported frame for balance and visual appeal. A visually aesthetic eye-catching laser-engraved fresh and saltwater fly design on the reverse side of the drag plate that rotates as the line is being retrieved. The Custom color options from Abel have expanded drastically. With the Casy Underwood, Larko, and Derek Deyoung, Abel offers some of the highest quality saught -after hand-painted finishes on the market.

The full caged frame prevents any possibility of line getting caught between the frame and spool is a true highlight of this reel.  The structurally design is made to withstand the demands of the traveling angler to prevent drops, bending, and any other possibility the salt throws at you.

When it comes to backing capacity as I mentioned above, this reel has industry-leading capacities.  With the below specs listed, you can see you have no worries when it comes to drag screaming runs. Couple that with Abels simple but effective cork drag system and you get smooth precise drag with confidence when you hook that fish of a lifetime.

Model Line Backing Capacity Weight Diameter
Rove 5/7 WF5/6/7F WF5 280yds #20 WF6 260yds #20 WF7 240yds #20 8.2 oz 3.98″
Rove 7/9 WF7/8/9F WF7 390yds #20 WF8 360yds #30 WF9 330yds #20 8.5 oz 4.227″
Rove 9/11 WF9/10/11F WF9 425yds #30 WF10 350yds #30 WF11 275yds #30 10.5 oz 4.697″
Rove 11/12+ WF11/12F WF11 490yds #30 WF12 400yds #30 10.8 oz 4.697″

Fumbling with spare spools still is no issue. No need for dropping lock nuts or E clips in the boat while swapping spools. Abel is as simple as unscrewing and replacing that floating-sinking line spool quickly and efficiently.

The double engagement paws that are utilized in the Rove are offset by the slightest measurement, allowing a faster drag paw engagement. There is not much more I can say about this drag system other than it’s bulletproof. An engagement system you don’t have to worry or think about is the best kind you can have. The silky-smooth cork drag plate provides a large surface area for 0 start-up inertia for finicky fighting fish such as bonefish and permit.

Not to mention as with all Abels these reels are proudly made in the USA.

  • Features

    • Full cage to prevent line from snaking through the frame.
    • Incredible backing capacities.
    • Double pawl engagement on all sizes.
    • Partially ported frame for the perfect balance of sound, and visual appeal.
    • Made in USA.
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To get a custom, Abel Rove, please feel free to contact us via email, live chat or simply give the shop a call!

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