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How to Tie: The Twisted Fly’s Tikka

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  • Features

    • Perfect for Peacock, Tarpon, Snakeheads, Snook, Jacks and many more.
    • Weedgaurd to protect you from mangroves and weeds.
    • Large eyes to draw in predators.
    • Magnum Rabbit tail.
    • Pushes water for lateral line vibration.

Tying Materials

The Tikka by Mike Verniolle of The Twisted Fly is very “snooky”. White, with great profile and movement we have confidence tossing this fly in any backcountry snook situation.

Tikka – 2/0 White

  • Thread: Ultra Thread 210 – Fl Shell Pink
  • Hook: Gamakatsu SC15 – 2/0
  • Foul-Guard, Weedguard: Mason Hard Type Nylon – 20lb
  • Tail: Rabbit Magnum Strip – White
  • Flash: Krystal Flash – Pearl
  • Collar: Arctic Fox Tail Hair – White
  • Eyes: Fish-Skull Living Eyes – 7mm Ice
  • Body: EP Senyo’s Chromatic Brush 1.5″ – Live Bait

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