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This year, Abel has been raising the bar. First the release of the Rove in early 2022, and now in mid-2022 they have released their premier nippers.
Taking feedback from the previous version and making all the proper adjustments to give you the right tool for the job on the water and at the prepping station the weeks before.

“Spring System”
A major update is the opening system used for these nippers. Most previous designs of nippers involved some type of spring or metal prying system to force them back open. The flaw in the system is that salt build-up can block springs and tension systems from actuation. Abel completely did away with all the nonsense that can go wrong, and made a huge improvement. Now utilizing two strong magnets on both sides gives the perfect opposite force to open the jaws back open and have that right spring-like feeling without the chance of corrosion or failure.

For the small stuff
As I mentioned above, these nippers use the magnetic system to actuate the jaws. These magnets actually double for the perfect magnetic work station for smaller trout flies. When using dry-dropper, Euro rigs or multi fly rigs in general, it can be a pain dealing with multiple flies out of your box at the same time. The “work station” on these nippers help. This small magnetic color patch easily lets you put your flies safely on it until you are ready for them.

The sharp parts
With every sharp object, especially in the saltwater, things get dull and beat up. That’s why Abel has made these jaws fully replaceable, serviceable, and user sharpenable.  Though you probably won’t ever have to due to the durable 440C stainless heat-treated 58 Rockwell metal that is used.

Form And Function
A replaceable stainless steel hook eye cleaner can be found on the back knob of these nippers. An easily adjustable lanyard made of polyurethane braid and machined aluminum comes pre-attached. A small alan key is needed to undo and remove the lanyard.

Fit, Finish, and Feeling

When it comes to fit, finish, and feeling in the hand, these blow expectations away.

Let’s take a second to talk about fit and finish. As you all know when it comes to quality, Abel is the bar setter. Clean lines, perfect anodizing, durable as all heck. Quality control really shows on these nippers.

These are available in 54 color combinations with 3 main frame colors and 18 inserts (magnetic pad) colors.

Feeling on these nippers is exactly what you expect from a premium tool, perfection. The smooth actuation with the magnetic jaws with the extremely sharp and precise jaws that cut through 100Lb like a scalpel through warm butter.

Feeling in the hand on these is extremely comfortable. The jimping on both sides where your thumb and index pad sit have the perfect amount of texture not to slip when your hands are wet.

A Tool That Just Works
With all that being said, a tool that just works is just what you want. When you want the best in quality and design, Abel Nippers are here.

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