What I Carry In My Wading Hip Pack – Bonefish Setup

The Pack
Starting with the pack, the Simms Dry Creek Z is by far my favorite go-to pack.

A few main things about the pack, it’s fully submersible with Simms TruZip zipper which is one of my favorite things over any other pack.

The lightweight simplistic design of this pack makes loading it and throwing it on and off a breeze.

As you can see from the video above, I did make one slight modification with zip-ties for the excess belt strap. This just keeps them tucked away nicely so fly line doesn’t snag.

Simms Dry Creek Z Hip Pack 8L - Steel $229.95 3 available

The Tools

The Umpqua River Grip Forceps have it all. A great cutter in the back, long 6″ neck if fish swallow the hook, and they won’t break the bank – what more can you ask for?

Even if the pack says “chemically sharpened”, I still take the fine grit side of the Dr Slick Hook File and give it a touch up every time I hit the water. Nothing comes close to how sharp you can hone a hook yourself.

When you figure out the temperatures the fish like to be in, you can really pinpoint when and where you need to be at the right time. I often check the temp with the Fishpond Swift Current Thermometer as soon as I start the wade and when I catch a fish to log it for better understanding where they like to be.

When you want to pre-prep leaders, the Rio Leader Wallet is your best friend. You can keep all your pre-made or knotless leaders in order and at the ready.

Umpqua RG Scissor Clamp black
Umpqua River Grip 6" Scissor Clamp - Straight - Black $16.99 0 available
Umpqua River Grip 6" Scissor Clamp - Straight Green
Umpqua River Grip 6" Scissor Clamp - Straight - Green $16.99 0 available
Dr. Slick Hook File 4"
Dr. Slick Hook File - 4" $11.00 3 available
Fishpond Swift Current Thermometer
Fishpond Swift Current Thermometer - Blue $18.95 0 available
Rio Leader Wallet
Rio Leader Wallet - One Size $24.99 1 available

Fly Boxes

The Slim XL fly box is my choice for this pack as it doesn’t crush any bonefish or permit flies and fits the Dry Creek Z perfectly. I pair it up with an Ole Florida Small Box as well to keep a few tarpon and permit flies separate.

If you wanted to carry more flies you can do 2 XL Slim boxes and it would give you an incredible amount of fly storage. It would also fit perfectly.

Ole Florida Slim XL Fly Box
Ole Florida Slim XL Fly Box - One Size (FG1363) $22.99 0 available
Small Pocket Box
Ole Florida Small Fly Box - One Size $10.99 21 available

Leader & Tippet Material

I always keep a spool of 16 and 20lb Rio Hard Mono in my bag to add or replace leader length. I like the stiffness for a replaceable section.

My favorite fluorocarbon in the smaller size is the Rio Fluoroflex Saltwater Tippet. So I carry an extra spool of 12lb for more bite section. Sometimes I carry 16lb when it’s a bit cloudier out.

Iv had it happen a few times while fishing for bonefish off the edge of a flat, tarpon come swimming down the edge. After I see more than 2 tarpon I like to throw on 50lb Umpqua Deceiver HD Fluorocarbon Shock Tippet and a tarpon toad to give it a shot.

RIO Hard Mono Saltwater Tippet
RIO Hard Mono Saltwater Tippet - 16 Ib $9.99 2 available
RIO Hard Mono Saltwater Tippet
RIO Hard Mono Saltwater Tippet - 20 Ib $9.99 2 available
RIO Fluoroflex Saltwater Tippet
RIO Fluoroflex Saltwater Tippet - 12 lb $12.99 5 available
RIO Fluoroflex Saltwater Tippet
RIO Fluoroflex Saltwater Tippet - 16 lb $19.99 4 available
Umpqua Deceiver HD
Umpqua Deceiver HD Fluoro Shock Tippet - 50lb Clear $34.99 5 available

Make your pack how you want
This post was to show you how my pack is setup and what works for me.

Things can be totally different in your situation and you might want a completely different setup.

The only way of knowing is getting out there and figuring out what works for you.

We’re always here to help when it comes to outfitting you with gear that works for your specific needs. Reach out via live chat or give the shop a call to outfit a pack.

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