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Tie This On Giacobba's Everglades Flies
Tie This On Giacobba's Everglades Flies
Blue Claw
A tailing redfish fly that lands softly, is weedless, and has an incredible “edibility factor”. Meaning a redfish seeing the Blue Claw for the first time after lifting its head out of the grass will often hunt it down even if it has to go out of its way.
Blue Klawz
Giacobba's Blue Claw - Rust/Blue Claw #2 $8.50 12 available
Tying the Blue Claw
Mark Giacobba Blue Claws Materials Kit
Giacobba's Blue Claw Materials Kit - Blue Claw #2 $39.09 1 available
Backcountry Gurgler
It’s a gurgler, for the backcountry! It’s shrimpy, it rides high and makes a solid bloop. With two pieces of foam it’s pretty durable for a gurgler as well. Always have a gurgler in your backcountry box.. always.
BackCountry Gurgler
Giacobba's Backcountry Gurgler - Backcountry 1/0 $9.25 10 available
Backcountry Gurgler Tying Video
Mark Giacobba Backcountry Gurgler Materials Kit
Giacobba's Backcountry Gurgler Materials Kit - Tan #1/0 $34.11 1 available
Capt. Giacobba’s go-to tarpon fly. For fish size small and large. A backcountry tarpon usually just has to get a good look at something possibly edible, and he’ll eat it. With a blend of chartreuse and natural brown, the Doofus is just that – something edible the fish can see.
Giacobba's Doofus - Chart/Brown #1/0 $8.75 -1 available
Giacobbas Doofus Tying Video
Mark Giacobba Dofus Materials Kit
Giacobba's Doofus Materials Kit - Orangutan/Chart #1/0 $46.96 2 available
It’s very difficult for a gamefish in Florida Bay to resist a shrimp. Whenever there’s snook or tarpon around, especially when the water is on the clearer side of the spectrum for the area, the Skrimp is going swimming.
Giacobba's Skrimp - Tan #1/0 $8.75 12 available
Giacobbas Skrimp Tying Video
Mark Giacobba Skrimp Materials Kit
Giacobba's Skrimp Materials Kit - Tan #1/0 $37.25 2 available
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