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  • Features

    • Feathers and plums of marabou
    • Softer barbs for palmering
    • Great for collars and wide tails.
    • Can be used for smaller splay tail patterns.
    • Soft steam at the tip, thickens stiff at the base.
    • Patches are natural and vary in size, normally measure in at 8″x10″
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  • Features

    • Add weight to any fly pattern.
    • Perfect for use under glue or epoxy.
    • Durable tacky heavy tungsten.
    • Soft so you can mold it into shape.
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  • Features

    • Cuts though anything quick and efficiently.
    • Perfect for delicate small work or heavy GSP or Kevlar threads.
    • A precision Bodkin for small work.
    • Comfortable tapered grip.
    • 5 1/4″ overall length.
    • Safety cap included for bondkin end.
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  • Features

    • Incredibly sharp, replaceable blades
    • Bodkin cover and blade cover included.
    • 3 extra blades included + case included.
    • Delivers precise cuts.
    • Needle point bodkin
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  •   Features

    • Stretchy clear material cut in strips
    • Great for wingcases and shellbacks
    • 3 sizes: Sm (1/8″), Med (1/4″) & Wide (3/4″)
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  • Features

    • Feather range from 3-6 inches.
    • Sharp tips perfect for tying a small tail.
    • Perfect for winged salmon flies.
    • Natural and dyed colors.
    • Soft supple material can be used to tie in as soft hackle.
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  • Features

    • Perfect for crab bodies
    • Takes markers extremely well
    • Thin foam to make sinking crab bodies while turning over flies.
    • Cut your own shape
    • Adhesive backed foam
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  • Features

    • Heavier then traditional led or bass.
    • Made with a Pupil to entice the bite.
    • Perfectly smooth for easier tie in.
    • Extremely durable paint.
    • Gets your flies down deeper.
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  • Features

    • Double sided.
    • Comfortable grip milled into the handle.
    • Large and thin brush for different size flies.
    • Extremely durable bristles and brush.
    • Get the most out of any dubbing.
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  • Features

    • A fully mono thread.
    • 100% clear
    • Super strong for the diameter.
    • Strong durable spool.
    • 200 yards.
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  • Features

    • Does not frey when cut.
    • Burns to perfect shape.
    • Moltted Mixed color
    • Perfect for tying the mop fly.
    • Easy to tie in.
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  • Features

    • Long shaft for bigger bodies.
    • Wide gap for multiple legs.
    • Durable Metal.
    • Sharp point for easy penetration.
    • Oversize wood handle for easy grip.
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Showing 81–92 of 92 results