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Fly of the Month Bonefish Deep Minnow

A true product of our environment, Ole Florida Fly Shop is your go-to salt-centric fly fishing mega-shop. With homebase just minutes from the water in South Florida’s Boca Raton, Ole Florida was strategically built to provide fly fishing gear for saltwater fly fishing’s pioneers as they traveled up and down the state exploring the waters. Today our roots stretch out from our local waters, to Montana streams, New Jersey shorelines, Louisiana marshes, Everglades backcountry, Bahamas flats, and nearly everywhere in-between. Our fly fishing knowledge & expertise is heavily influenced by proven guides and anglers along these routes. Combined with our selection of the most technologically advanced fly rods, reels, fly lines, and leaders/tippets, Ole Florida Fly Shop has the ability to outfit anglers for success worldwide.

The backbone of our commitment to your success on the water and the advancement of the sport may be our selection of trusted fly fishing equipment such as Nautilus reels, Tibor reels, Sage fly rods, G.Loomis fly rods, RIO fly lines, and Simms wading gear & performance wear, however it all starts with the fly. That’s why Ole Florida Fly Shop’s fly tying selection is second to none. We carry all the quality fly tying materials, from manufacturers such as Enrico Puglisi and Hairline Dubbin, needed to tie everything from nymphs to bass poppers to our signature fly – the Eat Me fly.

Fly of the Month: Bonefish Deep Minnow

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