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Fly Lines

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Showing 1–16 of 55 results

Modern fly lines for all applications

Some might argue that the fly line is the most important element in your outfit. While your line should compliment the action of your rod and your casting style, it also has many other jobs to do. From punching flies into the wind to carrying long soft presentations, floating high for easy pick-up to getting down deep quickly, each line is designed to optimize your performance in certain environments and situations. With all the factors involved, we’d agree that having the right fly line for the job is crucial to your success on the water.

Our selection of fly lines comes from the world’s best manufacturers in terms of fly line material composition and taper development. Fly fishing lines from RIO, AirFlo, Cortland, Royal Wulff and Scientific Anglers are tested thoroughly on the water and then sent to us where we get to test them some more! Like everything else in the shop, we wouldn’t carry any lines that we wouldn’t use ourselves. These companies share in our satisfaction guaranteed policy and we work together to make it right if by chance you’re not 100% satisfied with your new line.

Selecting fly lines

When choosing a fly line the first thing to consider is the climate. Our tropical lines maintain the stiffness needed to perform in the heat, while our lines designed for cooler weather are a bit softer and won’t tangle up in the cold like a tropical line would. Next is the decision between a floating line, sink tip line, full intermediate or fast sinking line depending on how and where you’ll be fishing. Taper designs have evolved to become more efficient at loading and transferring energy than ever before. When it comes to fishing saltwater flats, in a perfect world you’d want to have two lines. A bomber or QuickShooter line with a short heavy head that loads quickly and punches into the wind well, in addition to a line with a longer more balanced front taper designed to carry distance and land softly. We understand that sometimes compromises must be made to ensure you get the line that fits you and your fishing needs best. As always our fly fishing experts know each line intimately and are ready to help. Fly lines ship for free anywhere in the United States.