Three New AirFlo Superflo Lines

Airflo brings in the new year with three new Superflo lines.

Airflo’s three new Superflo saltwater lines are here and have you covered for any situation the new year brings. After a lot of R&D, Aiflo has released their best series yet – the Super flo series. The Power Taper, Flats Tactical Taper, and Universal Taper all utilize their ridge 2.0 technology that reduced friction and provides better casting and line pickup.
Airflo has still not strayed from their 100% full PVC-free lines which gives durability and rigidity in any condition.
Another awesome feature of this line is the “haul zone” they have implemented. A lot of the time we over-extend on that last cast trying to send it into another galaxy – which in turn makes our cast fall apart. They have added a small taper to the running line so if you fall too far into the running line you can save your cast, which is brilliant if you ask me. All the lines include durable welded loops on both sides that provide fast connections on or off the water.

let’s dive into a little more detail about these specific lines.

Flats Power Taper

When it comes to big flies, strong wind, or throwing shorter quicker casts at mangroves or wading bonefish – this line is for you. This heavier line and more weight-forward style taper aid in turning over and loading the rod fast and efficiently. With a short 38.5-foot head and all the weight up forward, this line will load and throw any fast modern-day fly rod with one to three false casts and have the ability to shoot to ranges near 60 feet quickly.

Flats Universal Taper

The Universal Taper is the goldilocks of these lines. Whatever the water may bring for the day – this line does everything. The jack of all trades from bonefishing, throwing at mangroves, or heading inshore for whatever is going off. A gradual taper pushed forward but not to the point where it hiders presentation – but will still get the fly to the fish. The 43-foot head is the sweet spot between a quick shooting line and a long stealthy approach – it reminds me of the scientific anglers amplitude grand slam (I actually like this line better.)

Flats Taper Tactical

When it comes to stealth and getting the fly to the fish on calmer days, the flats tactical is what you want. With its 51-foot head, this line is perfect for arializing a tremendous amount of line for the longer casts, to spooky fish. The head is slightly tapered at the front 7 feet to make a much nicer presentation. The weight of this line compared to the other two is much lighter. You will need better timing in your casting stroke to make this line work on a faster rod.

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