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Fly Tying

Tying Materials

Browse through the best of the best in streamer materials, eyes, adhesives, hackle, flash, hooks, and just about any fly tying material you could need to come up with a new irresistible fly pattern or to bang out a bunch of your old favorites.

Tying Tools

Having the right tool for the job makes all the difference between a frustrating fly tying session and a relaxing one. Browse everything from Renzetti & Dyna-King vises to foam cutters, scissors, whip finishers, bobbins, hair stackers and more.

Fly Tying Brands

Browse the fly tying materials and tools from the big names in fly tying such as Enrico Puglisi, Wapsi, Renzetti, Dyna-King, and Hareline Dubbin.

Professional fly tying supplies for more effective and enjoyable fly tying sessions

The satisfaction of tying a fly and feeding it to a fish is unsurpassed. There’s a reason the terms “fly tying fever” and “the tying bug” are so commonly used. When you have a fever, it’s all you can think about. Same as when you get into a tying groove. We believe that in order to be creative, you must be set up for success. That means a vise that doesn’t let go, quality materials, and invaluable tools. So our fly tying supplies selection is built on a foundation of vises, tools, accessories and premium materials – lots and lots of materials – that we and fly tying professionals use and trust.

From the sharpest scissors to the most select marabou, there are no substitutes for the quality supplies of our fly tying brands: Dyna-King, Dr. Slick, Enrico Puglisi, Flymen Fishing Company, Gamakatsu, Hareline Dubbin, Just Add H20, Loon Outdoors, Montana Fly Company, Mustad, Owner, Renzetti, River Road Creations, Spirit River, Tiemco, Wapsi, Whiting, Varivas, Partridge of Redditch, and Ahrex Hooks. These companies adhere to the highest standards and stand behind their products one hundred percent.

Choosing your fly tying supplies

The innovation rate in the fly tying industry is absolutely incredible. Each new synthetic material that comes out changes the game and opens up a world of new fly tying opportunities. When you start experimenting with buoyancy, colors, sink rates, durability and the action/capabilities of materials you can really dial in and turn out incredibly effective flies for where you fish or will be fishing. This opportunity to experiment is what we aim for with our selection of fly tying supplies. All of our fly fishing experts are experienced fly tiers ready to help with everything from material selection to technique to tool selection. All fly tying supplies ship for free to anywhere in the US and if you don’t see something you’re looking for get in touch with us, there’s a good chance we can get it for you.