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  • Features

    • Rides high.
    • Lightweight pattern, easy to throw
    • Great profile on water.
    • Floats right in the film.
    • Splay wings attract eats.
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  • Features

    • X-wrapped head keeps this fly in the strike zone.
    • Incredibly strong hook.
    • Hackle collar adds great movement.
    • Large eyes to trigger eats.
    • Barred tail for even more realism.
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  • Features

    • 26 Hand selected hoppers to have you covered in any situation.
    • Incredible box for dry dropper rigs.
    • Multiple color and sizes to choose from.
    • Realistic patterns to get the bite.
    • Assortment to match the hatch wherever you are.
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  • Features

    • Tungsten bead to help aid in getting the fly down.
    • Flash underside to aid in fish attractant.
    • Wire rib for durability.
    • Black collar for micro leg movement.
    • Sharp hook for easy penatration.
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  • Features

    • Floats high due to deer hair
    • Classic Adams fly in the front
    • Wing looks incredibly realistic bouncing the water.
    • Easy to see.
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  • Features

    • Incredible at holding nymphs.
    • Easy to sight.
    • Floats extremely high.
    • Imitates many insects, such as Grasshoppers, Stoneflies and Drakes.
    • Perfect for so many situations.
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  • Features

    • High riding low profile.
    • Highly visible.
    • Easily suspend nymphs.
    • Perfect bug like profile.
    • Doesn’t matte down easily.
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  • Features

    • Incredible movement.
    • Trailer hook with braid.
    • Brass eyes for jogging motion.
    • Perfect for Salomon or even trout.
    • 2 tone color for added contrast.
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  • Features

    • 16 hand selected flies for the mullet run.
    • Different colors/sizes for any time of the mullet run.
    • Topwater and subsurface flies.
    • Waterproof fly box included.
    • Save 10% vs buying seperate.
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  • Features

    • Bead and wire body allows for fly to sink fast.
    • Durable fly that you can fish all day.
    • Splay feather legs and wing case to promote realism.
    • Tied on an extremely durable hook.
    • Multiple sizes and colors to choose from.
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  •   Features

    • Imitates killifish and the small baitfish on mud and grass flats
    • EP Foxy Brush tail breathes life into the fly
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  • Features

    • Tied on a jig hook for better hookup ratios.
    • Inverts and falls perfectly in the water column.
    • Weed-guard tied in to help weeds from sticking.
    • Realistic claws with hotspots to create retain strikes.
    • Almost real-like body.
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  • Features

    • Floating berry pattern.
    • Perfect for Florida carp.
    • Strong, durable and sharp B10s
    • Life-like steam at the top for even more “flavor”
    • Easy to throw.
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  • Features

    • All the flies you need to catch fish offshore.
    • Perfect for Dolphin, kingfish, wahoo, jacks, tuna and more.
    • Fully Waterproof box.
    • Multiple sizes and colors to match the siuation.
    • 90% Sythertic materials for durable flies.
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  • Features

    • Save 10% vs buying separate.
    • 20 flies in total.
    • 100% waterproof sealed fly box.
    • Multiple sizes/colors to fit any situation.
    • All the flies you need for Belize tarpon.
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  • Features

    • Save 10% over buying seperate.
    • All the flies you need for success
    • Intracoastal and near-shore coverage.
    • Multiple colors, sizes and weights.
    • Waterproof durable saltwater fly box included.
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Showing 49–64 of 453 results