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General Saltwater Flies

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  •   Features

    • Designed and tied by Capt. Dave Saddler specifically for the Bonefish in Biscayne Bay
    • Tied on a Gamakatsu SL12S #2
    • Prong style weedguard
  •   Features

    • Incredible movement from EP Craft Fur Brush tail
    • A bit more sparse with slimmer profile than EP A2Z
    • White/Chartreuse is a great all-around cleaner water snook, tarpon, jack fly.
    • Rust/Olive is a perfect back-country/canal dirty water fly for tarpon, snook, peacock, jacks.
    • Big eyes for predators to key into.
    • Want to tie your own? Full Kit available.
  •   Features

    • Extremely effective on inshore and offshore species that feed on pilchards and other white baits (has over 100 species under its belt)
    • Epoxy head adds a little weight to the fly
    • All materials tied on top of hook to help prevent fouling
    • #4s tied on Gamakatsu SL12S Short
    • #1/0s tied on Owner Aki
  •   Features

    • Deadly on tarpon at night
    • glows the brightest and holds the glow longest when charged with a UV light or powerful spotlight
    • Tied on Tiemco 811S hook
    • Can be used as a normal Schminnow during the day
  •   Features

    • Imitates the small baits that the snook of South Florida chow on at night under the lights
    • Flash in the dubbing and SF Blend refects a ton of light and has good micro movement that pulsates in the current
    • Created by shop owner Darren Selznick

Showing all 5 results

Shop for general saltwater flies with Ole Florida. Browse our selection of the best flies for snook, tarpon, seatrout, jack crevalle, and many other saltwater dwelling species. We carry saltwater flies from the brands we all trust such as Enrico Puglisi and Umpqua.