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  • Features

    • Hand tied for precision every time.
    • 100% strength advanced knots.
    • Heavy butt section for wind penetration and turnover.
    • Fluorocarbon bite tippet for abrasion resistance
    • 2 per pack, ready to fish out of the package.
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  • Features

    • Tapered leader for the very best in casting performance
    • Fluorocarbon shock tippet
    • Hand tied perfection loop in the butt
    • Perfect for fishing around structure.
    • All the pulling power you need.
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  •   Features

    • Ideal for toothy fish such as barracuda, bluefish, and pike
    • Bronze – a supple, easy to knot, nylon coated braided wire
    • Silver – a nylon coated single strand steel wire with snap link
    • Medium stiff nylon leader that tapers down to 16 lb
    • Pre-looped for easy rigging
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  • Features

    • Adjust on the fly.
    • Available in clear floating, clear intermediate, black S4, and black S6 leader sink rates.
    • Color-coded loops for easy identification
    • A complete range of sink rates
    • Slim, neat welded loop in the butt for quick rigging
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  • Features

    • Knotless Class section connected to a bite with improved blood knot.
    • Full Fluorocarbon leader to extreme durability and clarity.
    • Hand Tied.
    • Virtually invisible in the water.
    • Incredible abrasion resistance.
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  • Features

    • Unbeatable clarity.
    • Extreme durability.
    • Fast sink rate.
    • Multiple lengths and weights for situational preparedness.
    • Waterproof and UV protective packing.
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  • Features

    • Bimini/Huffnagle for insane connection strength/smoothness.
    • Ultra deceptive pink fluorocarbon shock.
    • Heavy butt with knotless taper for perfect turnover.
    • 2 Pack
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  • Features

    • Thin diameter.
    • Turns over great in the wind.
    • Perfect for any situation.
    • Incredibly good at retaining knots.
    • Incredibly clear.
    • Waterproof & UV protective packaging.
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  • Features

    • Extremely abrasion resistance.
    • Extremely strong nylon.
    • Built to deliver large flies.
    • Waterproof durable packaging.
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  • Features

    • Waterproof and UV protective packaging.
    • The ultimate in bonefishing leaders.
    • Ultra clear and ultra strong.
    • Multiple sizes available.
    • Incredible knot strength.
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  • Features

    • Full tapered leader.
    • Completely durable and waterproof packaging.
    • Extremely durable and strong nylon.
    • Multiple sizes for the perfect choice.
    • Perfectly tied perfection loop tied at the butt section.
    • 3 leaders per pack.
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Showing 17–27 of 27 results