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El Rancho Pinoso – Colorado

Location: Southwest Colorado, approximately 20 miles from Pagosa Springs.

Fishery: While staying at El Rancho Pinoso you are to fish two exclusive stretches of beautiful private water. The RIO Blanco and the Weminuche River. The RIO Blanco is 3 miles of easy wading and deep pools dominated by rainbow trout around 16-21″. The Weminuche is a fully restored, meandering meadow system with 7 miles of private water. This excellent dry fly and hopper stream boasts good populations of both browns and rainbows, including some very large browns.

Accomodations: Accomodations include two fully restored historic cabins. The Log Cabin sleeps seven. The Cowboy House sleeps eight. Both feature a full kitchen, living room with fireplace, washer & dryer, and internet access. Three meals per day are prepared by a private chef.

Fishing Program:

Due to the exclusive nature of El Rancho Pinoso, fishing schedules can be very flexible for what you would like to do. But typically anglers are picked up at 8:00AM and returned to the cabins at 6:00PM. The Weminuche is an 80 minute drive from the lodge. The Rio Blanco is the property’s home water. It is easier to return to the cabin for lunch if you’re fishing the Rio Blanco. Head guide and manager is Dave Liebson working with him will be local freelance guides so El Rancho asks that guides be tipped directly at the end of each day.

Sample Itinerary:

  • Day 1 Arrive El Rancho Pinoso after 4:00 PM. Get settled in and tour the property.
  • Day 2-5 Five full days of guided fishing on the two Lindner properties.
  • Day 6 Check out by 11:00 AM and depart for home or points beyond.

Per person based on double occupancy
At time of writing, subject to change

7 night/6 day package: $5,448
6 night/5 day package: $4,669
5 night/4 day package: $3,889
4 night/3 day package: $3,229
3 night/2 day package: $2,378
Variable length stays welcome. Please inquire.

Included: Accommodations, meals, guided fishing, flies and terminal tackle, horse back riding and tax.

Not Included: Round trip airfare and transportation to the lodge, alcohol, fishing licenses, staff and guide gratuities.

Season: June 20th to October 1st.

Capacity: 12 guests (8 anglers). Exclusive use is available for parties of four or more.

All arrangements are handled by our trusty friends at Fly Water Travel.

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Gear Guide

Dry Flies & Terrestrials

  •   Features

    • A must-have dry for western streams
    • Can be fished by itself or as the top fly in a dry-dropper rig
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  •   Features

    • Realistic spinner pattern that sits flush in the film
    • Segmented body gives a realistic look
    Select options
  • Features

    • Floats extremely high
    • Natural materials.
    • Extremely buggy to intice fish.
    • Strong hook.
    • Perfect for most situations.
    Select options
  •   Features

    • Realistic hopper pattern
    • Hi-viz strike indicator on top
    • Life-like legs hang below
    Select options
  •   Features

    • A flush riding Ant great for lots of situations
    • Fluorescent parachute post is easy to spot on the water
    Select options
  • Features

    • Perfect for still water.
    • A classic pattern that works.
    • Floats high.
    • Easy to see.
    • Perfect for a dry dropper rig.
    Select options
  • Features

    • Perfect for dry dropper rigs.
    • Soft presentation.
    • Floats incredible well.
    • Splay drake tail for perfect immatation.
    • Easy to cast, natural material pattern.
    Select options
  • Features

    • A classic that catches fish.
    • Works basicly anywhere.
    • BWO-Baetis, Callibaetis, PMD
    • Calftail wing and parachute-style hackle also add floatation.
    • Realistic silhouette that sits low in the water and the highly visible wing that is known to be trigger for trout to eat.
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  • Features

    • Realist colors to fool fish.
    • Bright indicator for easy sighting.
    • Floats high on the water.
    • Long legs for a larger profile on the water.
    • Great for double hopper rigs.
    Select options
  •   Features

    • Terrestrial that works on rivers around the world
    • A sipper for bass and panfish in addition to trout
    • Two colored foam body
    • Foam sighters allow the fly to be tracked easily
    • Makes for a good top fly on a dry-dropper rig
    Select options
  • Parachute Adams – #16, #12
  • Crystal Stimulator – #16 Yellow, #8 Royal
  • Elk Hair Caddis – #16, #12
  • Rainy’s Kurt’s Mini Head Turner – #10
  • Furmisky’s Hot Legs Hopper – #10 Yellow
  • Humpy – #14 Yellow, #14 Royal
  • Crystal Wing Spinner – #16 Rusty, #18 Rusty
  • Hi-Vis Ant – #16
  • RIO’s Chernobyl Ant – #10 Brown/Gold
  • Lawson’s Green Para Drake – #10 Green

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  • Features

    • Bead and wire body allows for fly to sink fast.
    • Durable fly that you can fish all day.
    • Splay feather legs and wing case to promote realism.
    • Tied on an extremely durable hook.
    • Multiple sizes and colors to choose from.
    Select options
  •   Features

    • Gold beads gets it down quickly
    • Antron body will create realistic micro air bubbles
    • Perfect when Caddis are staging up for a hatch
    Select options
  •   Features

    • A must have pattern for every Trout box
    • Can represent many different species
    • Gold bead gets it down quickly
    Select options
  • Features

    • A must have in someones trout arsenal.
    • Do it all fly, just change the size.
    • Gold bead allows for a hot spot flash and to get down where the fish are.
    • Natural material.
    • Small feelers and legs to attact fish.
    Select options
  •   Features

    • A must have pattern for every Trout box
    • Can represent many different species
    • Gold bead gets it down quickly
    Select options
  • Features

    • A go to fly when nothing else works.
    • A proven pattern for so many trout waters.
    • Bead heads.
    • Small collar to induce strikes.
    Select options
  • Features

    • A go-to when all else fails.
    • Just about every trout eats a Squirmy Wormie.
    • A tried and true fly.
    • Confidence inspiring.
    • Casters squirmito to really give incredible action.
    Select options
  • Features

    • Tungsten lead to keep your rig deep and stright.
    • Perfect for a anchor fly.
    • Stone fly imitation.
    • Trout cant resist it.
    • A fly for such a various amount of water.
    Select options
  • Gold Bead Prince Nymph – #14, #12, #10
  • Gold Bead Hare’s Ear – #16, #14, #12
  • Gold Bead Pheasant Tail – #18, #16, #14
  • Deep Sparkle Pupa – #16 Brown/Bright Green
  • Mop Fly – #14 Grey, #14 Tan
  • Squirmy Wormy – #12 Red
  • Tungsten Pat’s Rubber Legs – #10 Tan/Brown, #10 Brown/Black
  • Copper John – #18, #16, #14

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  •   Features

    • Weighted fly pattern catches fish just about everywhere
    • Variety of colors and sizes to imitate shrimp, crabs, baitfish & other food sources
    Select options
  •   Features

    • Great sculpin imitation for big trout
    • 3 1/2″ long
    • Fly gets and stays down due to heavy eyes and the wool head
    • Natural movement of the rabbit help imitates an easy snack
    Select options
  • Features

    • A classics that ALWAYS catches fish.
    • Confidence instilling.
    • Hackle makes for great movement.
    • Marabou tails provides even more movement.
    • Bead head to add a little weight to get down where the fish are.
    Select options
  •   Features

    • Pulsating rabbit zonker body
    • Extremely versatile
    Select options
  •   Features

    • Classic streamer pattern that was meant to be used as a sculpin imitation
    • Also works well when fished as a Hopper dry
    Select options
  •   Features

    • Weighted Fish Skull Head to sink it quickly and keep it down
    • Rabbit incorporates tons of movement
    • #4: 3″ long
    Select options
  • Muddler Minnow – #4
  • Clouser Minnow – #6 White, #2 White
  • Galloup’s Monkey – #2 Olive
  • Gold Bead Crystal Bugger – #6 Black, #6 Olive
  • Kure’s Rabbit Zonker – #6 Olive
  • Sculpinator – #4 Olive

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Fly Rods

  • Features

    • Konnetic Technology.
    • Fuji ceramic stripper guides.
    • Juniper blank color
    • Hardwood insert with anodized aluminum up-locking reel seat
    • Versatility at its finest.
    Select options
  • Features

    • Insanely light and crisp feel.
    • Ultra responsive.
    • Natural rod blank finish for weight reduction.
    • Stable loop control at any distance.
    • Honest fishermen marks built into the rod.
    Select options
  • 9′ 5 weight with a medium to fast action suitable for dry fly, nymph and streamer fishing.
  • A fast action 9′ 6 weight if you’d like it for streamers.

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  •   Features

    • Only 21 meticulously machined parts ensure a lifetime of dependable use
    • A time honored click-pawl system protects light tippet while preventing overrun
    • Partially-ported frame for the perfect balance of weight, sound, and aesthetics
    • Quick-change spool with a threaded release cap and large-arbor design
    • Designed & machined by trout junkies in Colorado
    Select options
  • Features

    • 5-disc alternating carbon and stainless steel drag.
    • Ported frame for balance of weight, sound, and visual.
    • Designed & machined by trout junkies in Colorado.
    • Large arbor for increased retrieve and reduced line memory.
    Select options
  •   Features

    • large arbor
    • Constructed from machined 6061 Aluminum and stainless steel
    • Narrow spool prevents line barreling
    • Outer diameter and inboard handle improve retrieve rate
    Select options
  • A 5 weight sized reel
  • A 6 weight sized reel if you’re bringing a streamer rod

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Fly Lines

  • Features

    • Durable SlickCast technology.
    • Low-stretch ConnectCore Plus for the best in casting control.
    • Full Floating Line.
    • Long head for casting control and loop stabilization.
    • 3 Tone color for perfect casting distance and head control.
    Select options
  • Features

    • New SlickCast Technology
    • Maxfloat tip of line to keep you riding high.
    • Front & Back welded loop.
    • Easy ID on the tip of line.
    • Dual tone.
    Select options
  •   Features

    • The ultimate general presentation taper
    • Built a half-size heavy to load rods and turn over large flies easily
    • Excellent with dry flies, nymphs, and streamers
    • Features the ST+ slickness additive
    • For use in moderate and cold climates
    • Buckskin / Optic Green color
    Select options
  • Weight forward cold water floating WF5F fly line
  • Weight forward cold water sink-tip WF6F line if you’re bring a streamer rod.

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Leaders & Tippet

  •   Features

    • 30M spools with integrated line cutter
    • Pure fluorocarbon
    • Excellent abrasion resistance
    • Refraction index similar to water, so fish can’t see it
    • Outstanding turnover power
    Select options
  •   Features

    • 2-pack
    • Nylon freshwater leaders
    • Perfectly-balanced blend of elasticity, knot strength, and suppleness
    • Highest knotted strength of any nylon material on the market
    Select options
  •   Features

    • High knot strength
    • Virtually invisible underwater
    • Made from copolymer PTFE coating
    • 0X – 7X 30 yd spool, 20 lb – 25 lb 30 yd spool, 30 lb – 35 lb 25 yd spool, 40 lb 20 yd spool, 50 lb 15 yd spool, 60 lb 13 yd spool
    Select options
  • Orvis SuperStrong Plus Leader – 9ft/4X, 9ft/3X
  • RIO Powerflex Tippet – 5X, 4X, 3X
  • Orvis Mirage Fluorocarbon Tippet – 5X

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Waders & Boots

  •   Features

    • Waterproof synthetic leather & scratch rubber upper
    • A boot that features an engineered balance of value & wading performance
    • Partial neoprene lining
    • Dual‐density EVA midsole for shock absorption
    • Men’s whole sizes: 5 – 16, Width: EEE
    Select options
  •   Features

    • Waterproof nubuck leather & Lace‐to‐toe upper
    • TPU molded heel clip for positive heel fit & hiking security
    • Dual‐density midsole for shock absorption
    • ESS plates for improved cleat retention & proprioception
    Select options

Fishing Apparel

  •   Features

    • Ultralight nylon/polyester blend dries in a flash and has 30-UPF sun protection
    • Mechanical stretch in the fabric allows for greater comfort when casting
    • 2.25-oz 52% nylon/48% polyester with mechanical stretch and 30-UPF sun protection
    Select options
  • Features

    • Be protected from the rain with confidence.
    • Two zippered handwarmer pockets and venting pit zips; all with welted exterior storm flaps with treated zippers.
    • Snag-free center-front zipper with external and internal storm flaps and zipper-garage chin guard.
    • Jacket self-stuffs into left handwarmer pocket with carabiner clip-in loop.
    • Two-way-adjustable hood with a laminated visor rolls down and stows with a simplified cord-and-hook design.
    Select options
  •   Features

    • UPF 30
    • Durable and lightweight with COR3™ and Cool Control™ technology – perfect for warm weather fishing
    • Zip-secure back pocket and slash hand pockets with an internal cell phone pocket
    • Partial elastic, brushed tricot lined waistband for adjustability, comfort and moisture management
    • Crotch gusset for comfort and ease of movement
    • Inseam 30”
    Select options
  • Bring lightweight, quick-drying technical fishing apparel as well as preparation for colder weather such as a warm, wind-breaking jacket and layers.

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