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Holiday Gift Guide
Holiday Gift Guide
Trout Outfit Holiday Gift Guide

The Trout-fit

With international travel halted, we’ve noticed more domestic fly fishing trips being planned to trout streams all over the United States. If the angler on your list is planning his or her first trout trip, this is a great start-up outfit. The rod, reel and line are well suited to nymphing, dry fly fishing and light streamer fishing. The all-purpose trout box has a selection of generic, yet proven, flies that will work on any trout stream in the world. Even for the experienced trout angler, the Sage Sonic rod may be an upgrade in rod performance. Also in regards to the experienced trout angler, with a little more info from you, we can help choose an outfit best suited to exactly how he or she fishes.

Recommend start-up outfit sizes: Sage Sonic – 9′ 5wt | Nautilus X-Series – XM | RIO Gold Premier – WF5F | All-Purpose Trout Box – Med

Beach Snook Outfit

The Surf Outfit

For anyone looking to get into fishing from the beach, this is the outfit for them. The rod has the power and action for the heavy intermediate sinking line (which is necessary to cut under the waves and weeds), the reel is sealed and durable, and the fly box contains the baitfish patterns fish in the surf are eating. Due to its accessibility and world-class fishery, fishing the beach is a great way to get into fly fishing. The demand for this type of outfit during the summer (when the beach fishing is best, at least down here) lead us to add this outfit to the holiday gift guide, allowing you to put your beach fishing angler ahead of the curve. Also, getting a floating line instead of the sinking line makes this an excellent all-around saltwater flats and backcountry outfit.

Recommended beach outfit sizes: Sage Maverick – 9′ 9wt | Orvis Hydros – V | Royal Wulff Bermuda Triangle Intermediate – TT9I | Beach Snook Box – Lg

Bonefish Outfit

The Bonefish Outfit

Most anglers that travel to fish, travel to bonefish. Be it the Bahamas, the Caribbean, the Seychelles or Florida, visions of clear shallow water in the tropics with bonefish scooting by go from alluring to addicting. If the angler on your list is itching for his or her next bonefish trip, this bonefish outfit will bring back the visions and then will perform phenomenally when they finally do get out on the flats. The Andros (Bahamas) Bonefish Box is listed here, we also have fly boxes for Belize, Cuba and Florida (Biscayne Bay).

Recommended bonefish outfit sizes: G.Loomis NRX+ – 9′ 8 Weight | Tibor Everglades | Scientific Anglers Amplitude Smooth Grand Slam – WF8F | Andros Bonefish Box – Lg

  •   Features

    • Proven bonefish flies for South Andros, Bahamas
    • The crab and shrimp patterns every Andros guide will want you to have
    • See Specs below for included fly list
    • Save 10% versus getting the box and each fly individually
  • Features

    • Boosted control in less-than-ideal situations.
    • Advanced loop stability due to micro baffling.
    • Extremely durable rod known for its rugged construction.
    • 15% Lighter, faster and stronger then the previous NRX.
    • Refined from the previous NRX series of rods.
  •   Features

    • Features the revolutionary AST Plus slickness additive for superior shooting ability and increased durability
    • The perfect line for bonefish, tarpon, and permit on the flats; also great for snook, redfish, and sea trout
    • Overweighted by .75 sizes to load rods quickly; use designated line weight for your rod
    • Short, powerful head turns over long leaders with heavy flies
    • Tropi-Core technology remains stiff and slick in tropical environments
  •   Features

    • New Frost finishes utilize Tibor’s Certified Mil-A-8625 Type II Anodizing with fewer polishing steps for a less reflective surface with the same durability
    • Made from solid aluminum bar stock
    • Lightweight to balance with modern fly rods and reduce casting fatigue
    • Triple outgoing line signals, easily removable for silent operation
    • World famous Tibor drag system
    • Made and assembled in the USA
Bonefish Tying Kits

Bonefish Fly Tying Kits

These four kits contain all the materials to tie go-to bonefish patterns. Again, if the fly tyer on your list is itching for his or her next bonefish trip, these tying materials kits will keep them busy until that time comes. To narrow it down, the Veverka’s Mantis Shrimp and the Gotcha are popular bonefish flies for the Bahamas and the Caribbean. The Sad Flea and the Wooly Mantis are popular bonefish flies for Florida and the Keys. Each tying kit has an instructional video in our Fly Tying Video Vault.

Shop All Materials Kits

Fly Tying Starter Kit

The Tools to Start Tying Flies

The Peak Rotary Vise and Loon Core Fly Tying Tool Kit are all the tools the future fly tier on your shopping list needs to get started. The Renzetti Tool Caddy will be a nice touch of organization on their new tying desk. The Brushy Baitfish Materials Kit has all the materials for the perfect starter fly for saltwater and bass fishing. They’ll be able to use the Brushy Baitfish video on our site as instructions for their first fly!

Simms GTS Luggage

Simms GTS Travel System

Duffels that are perfect for weekend road trips. The rod and reel case that is also perfect for road trips, especially when truck space is limited. The roller for when the big trips start back up. And pouches for extreme organization of everything from fly lines to underwear. Every piece of the new Simms GTS modular travel system is useful to anglers on the move.

Shop the full Simms GTS line

Sage Drinkware

Sage Drinkware

Here it is – the gift for the angler that has everything. Good drinkware always comes in handy. Sage partnered with MiiR for this awesome line-up of hydration receptacles. The Sage Water Bottle is excellent as it fits inside most hip packs.

Shop All Sage Drinkware

Jorge Martinez Bonefish Fly Boxes

Box De Art

Jorge Martinez’s passion for the ocean and its inhabitants knows no bounds. The like minded is exactly who he paints and draws for. The illustrations are protected and these boxes can be fished. But we find them better suited as a piece of art in your tying room, maybe put special flies in them (like the ones you caught your first bonefish, permit and tarpon on).

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