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Gift Guide

Gift Guide

OFFS team choices:

The gifts each of us would put on our own list, match up the anglers with the most similar characteristics on your list.

OFFS Team member gift guide

Taylor S. - Sales director

Taylor's choices are for the "all-dayers" like himself. He'll fish dark to dark then go home and tie thirty flies.

OFFS Team member gift guide

Darren S. - Owner

Darren picked gear that any angler wouldn't mind either another one of, or an upgrade of. His picks are for the angler, like himself (shop owner), that actually does have everything.

Hopper Box
Hopper Box Original price was: $131.79.Current price is: $118.59.
OFFS Folding Fiber Comb Open
OFFS Folding Fiber Comb
5.00 out of 5
OFFS Team member gift guide

Mike P. (Jr) - Social media director

Like Mike, his gift choices are all about practicality. No frills, things that work and serve a purpose for the angler in the sun and at the tying desk a lot.

OFFS Team member gift guide

Mike M. (Sr) - Web master

Mike chose his picks because they're unique, quality and functional. These are gifts for the angler who, like Mike, seems to have everything, ties flies, and fishes a bit of everywhere.

OFFS Team member gift guide

Adam F. - Shipping director

Adam's gift picks are for the laid-back, easy going, guys like him. The throw me a beer while I wait for a fish types.

OFFS Team member gift guide

Richie P. - Lead shop boy

Between being a full-time paramedic, full-time dad, and part-time shop boy - Richie is the ultimate weekend warrior. His useful gift choices should resonate with similar fishing obsessed but time limited anglers and tyers.

OFFS Team Member Gift Guide

Nick V. - Shop man

OFFS Team Member Gift Guide

Caleb G. - Shop boy

Tibor Riptide Satin Gold
Tibor Riptide $535.00$835.00

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