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Alaska West – Alaska

Alaska West King Salmon
Alaska West King Salmon

Location: Kanektok River, Western Alaska.

Fishery: You’ll be fishing the incredibly prolific Kanetok River, which has runs of 5 of the 6 pacific salmon species as well as rainbow trout, dolly varden and grayling. Down river of camp king salmon hold and large rainbows lie in the larger water and silver salmon load up in the slower backwaters. Upriver of camp you’ll be able to fish for salmon, trout and dollys in smaller water. Wading is easy and you’ll be transferred to spots on the river via jet boats. Wading is easy and you’ll be fishing with Alaska West’s experienced guides. Most of the fishing is done wading but you can also opt in for drift-boat type drifts down the river.

Accomodations: This tent-lodge is made up of permanent and semi-permanent structures designed to combine comfortable living, eating, and lounging areas alongside the incredible river.

Sample Itinerary:

  • Day 1 Arrive in Anchorage and overnight at your elected accommodations (arranged independently, not included in package).
  • Day 2 Take a cab or shuttle to your charter flight. (Charter flight is pre-arranged and is an additional cost). In Quinhagak, you will be met by members of the Alaska West staff and transported by jet boat (approximately 25 minutes) upstream to the camp.
  • Day 3-8 Six full days of guided fishing.
  • Day 9 On your departure day you will have breakfast and then be transported by jet boat to Quinhagak. You will depart Quinhagak at approximately 1pm.

Per person based on double occupancy:
At time of writing, subject to change

7 night/6 day package: $6,595 plus $900 round trip charter flight

Included: Accommodations and meals at the lodge, guided fishing, limited selection of flies and/or terminal tackle, transportation between Quinhagak and the lodge.

Not Included: Round trip airfare to Anchorage, accommodations and meals in Anchorage, alcohol, staff and guide gratuities.

King Salmon (Chinook): June – July
Red Salmon (Sockeye): June – July
Silver Salmon (Coho): Late July – August
Pink Salmon: July – Early August
Chum Salmon: June – August
Rainbow Trout: June – August
Dolly Varden: June – August
Grayling: June – August

Capacity: 18 anglers

All arrangements are handled by our trusty friends at Fly Water Travel.

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Gear Guide

King Salmon Flies

  • Features

    • Heavy lead eyes.
    • Incredible movement.
    • Wired single trailer hook to make the fly harder to spit.
    • Bright orange hot spot on the lighter versions to give fish a target.
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  • Features

    • Made of a composite loop.
    • Extreme movement.
    • Lazer sharp hook.
    • Extra tough think braid to connect hook secure.
    • Easy to throw.
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  • Guide Intruder – Black 1/0, Chartreuse 1/0, Pink 1/0
  • Hoh Bo Spey – Black/Blue #2, Chartreuse/Blue #2, Orange/Pink #2

Coho Salmon Flies

  •   Features

    • Weighted fly pattern catches fish just about everywhere
    • Variety of colors and sizes to imitate shrimp, crabs, baitfish & other food sources
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  •   Features

    • Classic pattern with lots of movement
    • Perfect in dirty water or for during the spawn
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  • Features

    • Made of a composite loop.
    • Extreme movement.
    • Lazer sharp hook.
    • Extra tough think braid to connect hook secure.
    • Easy to throw.
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  • Clouser Minnow – Pink/White #6
  • Egg Sucking Leech – Purple #4
  • Hoh Bo Spey – Orange/Pink #2

Salmon, Trout, Dolly Varden, Grayling Flies

  • Features

    • Bead and wire body allows for fly to sink fast.
    • Durable fly that you can fish all day.
    • Splay feather legs and wing case to promote realism.
    • Tied on an extremely durable hook.
    • Multiple sizes and colors to choose from.
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  •   Features

    • A must-have dry for western streams
    • Can be fished by itself or as the top fly in a dry-dropper rig
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  •   Features

    • Enticing baitfish fly pattern with a lot of movement
    • Dual bunny strips form profile predators can hone in on
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  •   Features

    • Great dirty water trout fly
    • Pretty much a sure thing during spawns when fish are feeding on eggs
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  •   Features

    • Classic pattern with lots of movement
    • Perfect in dirty water or for during the spawn
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  • Features

    • Floats extremely high
    • Natural materials.
    • Extremely buggy to intice fish.
    • Strong hook.
    • Perfect for most situations.
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  • Features

    • A must have in someones trout arsenal.
    • Do it all fly, just change the size.
    • Gold bead allows for a hot spot flash and to get down where the fish are.
    • Natural material.
    • Small feelers and legs to attact fish.
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  •   Features

    • A must have pattern for every Trout box
    • Can represent many different species
    • Gold bead gets it down quickly
    Select options
  •   Features

    • Represents a midge cluster
    • Allow a bigger hook to be used when fishing midges
    • Use with a short dropper with a hi-vis fly for better visibility
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  • Features

    • A small fly with a strong hook.
    • Perfect for bluegill, trout, bass.
    • Durable fly.
    • Marabou tail for extra movement.
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  • Features

    • A classic that catches fish.
    • Works basicly anywhere.
    • BWO-Baetis, Callibaetis, PMD
    • Calftail wing and parachute-style hackle also add floatation.
    • Realistic silhouette that sits low in the water and the highly visible wing that is known to be trigger for trout to eat.
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  • Features

    • A Purple version of the classic Parachute Adams.
    • A staple dry fly.
    • White indicator material for easy vision.
    • Rides high.
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  •   Features

    • Weighted with a conehead
    • Mohair body gives bulk and movement
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  • Features

    • Cone head for little extra weight and jerk-action.
    • Separated hook so fish wont throw the weight of the fly.
    • Incredible movement from rabbit and hackle.
    • Hot spot red hackle.
    • Razor sharp hook.
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  •   Features

    • Slimmer profile deer hair body allows fly to sit naturally
    • Whiskers and suede tail bring fly to life
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  • Parachute Adams – #16, #14, #12
  • Parachute Adams Purple – #16, #14, #12
  • Elk Hair Caddis – #14 Natural, #12 Natural
  • Crystal Stimulator – #10 Yellow, #8 Royal
  • Griffith’s Gnat – #18
  • Gold Bead Pheasant Tail – #18, #16, #14
  • Copper John – #18, #16, #14
  • Gold Bead Prince Nymph – #18, #16, #14
  • Egg Fly – Fl Orange #8, Pink #8
  • Egg Sucking Leech – Black #4, Purple #4
  • Ruby Eyed Leech – Black/Red #8
  • Lord Of The Fry – #6
  • Double Bunny – Olive/White #2
  • Sculpzilla – Natural #8, Olive #8
  • Steeve’s Loco Mouse – #6

King Salmon Outfit

  • 12′ 9 weight spey outfit. (Although we don’t carry spey outfits we can special order them for you, contact us to proceed.)

Coho Salmon, Sockeye Salmon, Chum Salmon Outfit

  • Features

    • Built on Shimano’s proprietary Spiral X platform
    • Titanum compontents only aid in the incredible light swing weight.
    • Most acurate feeling rod on the market.
    • Know to have most durable blanks available.
    • Backed by the leading brand in fly fishing, gloomis.
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  • Why we love Tibors


    • The completely ventilated spool and frame keeps the reel cool during long, smoking runs
    • Innovative sealed drag system is waterproof, self-maintaining and still the strongest in the industry
    • The drag system constantly applies seal pressure while in free spool so the reel will never overrun while stripping the line
    • Comes equipped with our legendary silky smooth micro grain cork that is constantly lubricated
    • Unique mechanical clutch system allows easy change from right to left hand retrieve
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  • Medium to fast action rod 9′ 8 weight rod with a durable sealed drag reel.

Trout, Dolly Varden, Pink Salmon, Grayling Outfit

  •   Features

    • Large arbor increases line retrieval rate and reduces line memory
    • Almost a full ounce lighter than the original SD
    • Drag pressure ranges from zero to an amazing 10 pounds
    • Incredibly wide range of drag adjustment from zero to max
    • Designed & machined by trout junkies in Colorado
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  • Features

    • Ultra Large Arbor Format
    • Made in the USA
    • Lightest yet largest diameter Litespeed to date
    • Space frame construction – Exceptional Strength-to-Weight Ratio
    • Indexing click drag knob
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  • Features

    • Insanely light and crisp feel.
    • Ultra responsive.
    • Natural rod blank finish for weight reduction.
    • Stable loop control at any distance.
    • Honest fishermen marks built into the rod.
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  • Medium to fast action rod 9′ 5 or 6 weight rod with a durable sealed drag reel.

Fly Lines

  • Features

    • Durable SlickCast technology.
    • Low-stretch ConnectCore Plus for the best in casting control.
    • Full Floating Line.
    • Long head for casting control and loop stabilization.
    • 3 Tone color for perfect casting distance and head control.
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  • Features

    • New SlickCast Technology
    • Maxfloat tip of line to keep you riding high.
    • Front & Back welded loop.
    • Easy ID on the tip of line.
    • Dual tone.
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  •   Features

    • The ultimate general presentation taper
    • Built a half-size heavy to load rods and turn over large flies easily
    • Excellent with dry flies, nymphs, and streamers
    • Features the ST+ slickness additive
    • For use in moderate and cold climates
    • Buckskin / Optic Green color
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  • Skagit heads and sinking tips for king salmon spey outfits. (Although we do not carry lines for spey, we can special order them for you. Contact us to proceed.)
  • Weight forward cold water WF8F floating line for coho, sockeye and chum salmon outfit. A WF8F/S3 15ft sink tip line also for this outfit.
  • Weight forward cold water WF5F or WF6F floating line for trout, pink salmon, dolly varden and grayling outfit.

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Leaders & Tippet

  •   Features

    • 2-pack
    • Nylon freshwater leaders
    • Perfectly-balanced blend of elasticity, knot strength, and suppleness
    • Highest knotted strength of any nylon material on the market
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  •   Features

    • High knot strength
    • Virtually invisible underwater
    • Made from copolymer PTFE coating
    • 0X – 7X 30 yd spool, 20 lb – 25 lb 30 yd spool, 30 lb – 35 lb 25 yd spool, 40 lb 20 yd spool, 50 lb 15 yd spool, 60 lb 13 yd spool
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  • Features

    • Softer and more flexible than fluorocarbon
    • Floats high on surface for dry fly fishing
    • Common knots can be used with good results
    • More elastic than fluorocarbon
    • 30 Yard Spools
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  • Features

    • Full tapered leader.
    • Completely durable and waterproof packaging.
    • Extremely durable and strong nylon.
    • Multiple sizes for the perfect choice.
    • Perfectly tied perfection loop tied at the butt section.
    • 3 leaders per pack.
    Select options
  • 9′ 1X Nylon Leaders
  • 9′ 3X Nylon Leaders
  • 6X, 5X Fluorocarbon Tippet
  • 6X, 5X, 4X, 3X, 1X, 20lb, 30lb Nylon Tippet

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Waders & Boots

  • Features

    • New Hex Air Gravel Guards improve moisture management and pack smaller than standard options.
    • Designed for compatibility with all Flyweight Pods and Accessories
    • Stretch crotch gusset and patented front and back leg seams for best-ever wader mobility
    • Fit and function innovation includes breathable air mesh suspender attachments, lower top hem, and zippered side gussets – for relaxed or athletic fit options
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  • Features

    • Low-profile lightweight synthetic boot upper.
    • Welded TPU film in high abrasion zones for added durability
    • Speed lace hooks & lace-toe closure
    • High cushion dual-density EVA midsole for comfort
    • Stud-compatible 4.5 mm Vibram® Idrogrip rubber outsole; Compatible studs are the Hardbite Studs – Vibram
    • Weight: 40 oz. (1134 g) in size 11
    Select options
  •   Features

    • Waterproof nubuck leather & Lace‐to‐toe upper
    • TPU molded heel clip for positive heel fit & hiking security
    • Dual‐density midsole for shock absorption
    • ESS plates for improved cleat retention & proprioception
    Select options
  • Felt boots are not allowed. Please bring Vibram rubber soled wading boots.

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Fishing Apparel

  •   Features

    • Ultralight nylon/polyester blend dries in a flash and has 30-UPF sun protection
    • Mechanical stretch in the fabric allows for greater comfort when casting
    • 2.25-oz 52% nylon/48% polyester with mechanical stretch and 30-UPF sun protection
    Select options
  •   Features

    • UPF 30
    • Durable and lightweight with COR3™ and Cool Control™ technology – perfect for warm weather fishing
    • Zip-secure back pocket and slash hand pockets with an internal cell phone pocket
    • Partial elastic, brushed tricot lined waistband for adjustability, comfort and moisture management
    • Crotch gusset for comfort and ease of movement
    • Inseam 30”
    Select options
  • Bring lightweight, quick-drying technical fishing apparel as a base layer, and cold weather gear as outer layer.

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