A Look at the New G.loomis NRX+ T2S | Fly Rod Perfection

When it comes to high-performance fast-action fly rods, the G.Loomis NRX+ T2S is top of the list. As mentioned above in the video, this rod is a different beast made for anglers. The T2S (2-piece) replaces the beloved NRX Pro-1 (1-piece). The split sizing two-piece construction (only ferrule way down in the butt section) allowed for [...]

Fly Fishing The Mullet Run

The Mullet Are Here What is the Mullet Run The Mullet Run is an event that takes place along Florida beaches and intracoastal waterways. A big bait migration coming from the north - traveling southbound in the months of September-November (more on times later). Stalked by the numerous predator fish that prey on the tasty [...]

What I Carry In My Wading Hip Pack – Bonefish Setup

The Pack Starting with the pack, the Simms Dry Creek Z is by far my favorite go-to pack. A few main things about the pack, it's fully submersible with Simms TruZip zipper which is one of my favorite things over any other pack. The lightweight simplistic design of this pack makes loading it and throwing [...]

Fly Fishing South Florida Peacock Bass

South Florida Peacock Bass There's nothing like the vicious strike of a peacock bass. They roam the canals and backwater lakes of southeast Florida, making them extremely accessible especially on-foot. Miami-Palm Beach is a travel destination for freshwater chaos that will leave you smiling ear to ear about the memories made. What makes this fishery [...]

Wintertime In The Everglades With Capt. Jason Sullivan

As the Florida weather starts to shift to cooler temperatures with bright high skies it makes for an incredible experience in Everglades National Park with some of the best fishing you can have all year. We met up with Captain Jason Sullivan of Rising Tides Charts, someone who spends most of his life trying to [...]

Sage Sonic Review

Sage Sonic's nitty-gritty casting performance, the all-around workhorse. We are going to be focusing on the 9Ft 5 weight, the “bread and butter” trout outfit. Let's just jump straight into the casting performance of this rod and how it feels at different distances. This review is done with Cortland Ultralight fly line for all the [...]

Is That One? Sight Fishing Between the Ears

Sight fishing, more specifically saltwater fly fishing on flats is not easy. Well sometimes it can be, but usually it’s not - especially here in South Florida. Whatever degree of difficulty the day brings, it’s always a numbers game of inches and shots. You’re told to practice casting. Which of course you have to. Because [...]