Redington Grande Fly Reel Review

The new Redington Grande reel is Redington's best answer yet to the destructive forces of nature - mainly the salt and the power of the fish we need to stay connected to. The foundation of the equation is the fully machined aluminum frame and spool. This reel is going to hold up to time and [...]

Sage Igniter Fly Rod Review

It's a lineage engineered for a specific purpose. To be the ultra-fast instrument that fears no wind, adds a new gear to line speed, takes distance the extra mile, and cannot be overpowered. It started with the TCR which was revolutionary for its time. Then came the TCX, then the Method which gained a cult-like [...]

IFTD 2018 – Calm Before the Storm

IFTD 2018 had a slightly different feel to it than past years. Spacier is probably a good way to put it. It was a smaller, sleepier show missing a few big players. You have to believe this was the calm before what would be the storm when the show moves to Denver next year. That [...]

Five Tips To Feed More Tarpon

There's nothing like seeing a tarpon and successfully listening to what he's telling you to do with your fly in order for him to eat it. It's the greatest feeling in the world and the ensuing chaos is icing on the cake. Often easier said than done, but the good thing is, if you use [...]

Capt. Scott Hamilton Talks Offshore Fly Fishing

When it comes to offshore fly fishing, nobody knows the game better than Capt. Scott Hamilton. We recently had him in the shop where he went over everything from color of flies, to educating a school of dolphin, setting the hook on bolting fish, and a whole lot of more information that can only be [...]