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Fishpond Tools

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  •   Features

    • Anodized aerospace aluminum
    • Retractor/lanyard attachment hole with included clip
    • Razorblade line cutter
    • Holds up to 7 standard tippet spools
    • Secure spring loaded pull for access to change spools
  •   Features

    • Anodized aerospace aluminum and stainless steel
    • Holds five 4” spools or 13 standard spools
    • Secure spring loaded pull for access to change spools
    • Durable plastic clip
    • Two rubber gaskets for keeping spools secure
  •   Features

    • Updated from the first version, the new 2.0 Quikshot Rod Holder has an improved back attachment for using on 2018 or later Fishpond packs and on wader belts.
    • Also updated from the previous version, the rod holder has been simplified to no longer use a magnetic release, which means strong winds and heavy reels won’t force the magnetic clasp open. The new side release buckle is stronger but still opens with the pinch of your fingers.
    • Thermoformed molded rod holder cradles any size rod handle
    • Webbing loop with a polytube overlay for holding the butt of a standard rod or a fighting butt
    • Quik release buckle with webbing adjustment secures the rod handle into the rod cradle, and releases your fully rigged rod with just one quick pinch.
    • Adjustable back attachment system will attach to the molded tabs found on many Fishpond products, or to most Wader belts. The system can be adjsuted to fit to 30mm or 50mm width webbing.
    • 5.5″ x 4.5″ x .56″
  •   Features

    • Patented, “push button” locking pin-mount mechanism swivels 360-degrees
    • Durable UV protected polyurethane retractor coil

Showing all 4 results

Through their passion for fly fishing, Fishpond tools are designed to improve the way we fish through innovation and simplicity.