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Capt. Jason Sullivan

Capt. Jason Sullivan fishes out of Flamingo, the southernmost boat ramp on Florida’s mainland located in Everglades National Park. From there Florida Bay, the Gulf of Mexico, and the backcountry bays of the Everglades await.

It’d be safe to call Capt. Jason a “glades poon specialist”. He’s obsessed with the tarpon that inhabit and move through the Everglades. Dialed in is an understatement, if there’s tarpon around of any size Jason’s on them. He enjoys putting a beginner on their first tarpon just as much as he enjoys lining up an experienced tarpon junkie.

Aside from tarpon, Capt. Jason loves hunting down snook and redfish along the beaches and flats. And with the truly adventurous angler’s request, or if conditions dictate, Capt. Jason will leave the Hell’s Bay skiff at home and break out the jonboat to push you back into remote creeks and bays of the Everglades that are rarely visited by other humans in search of tarpon, snook and redfish.

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  • Hell’s Bay Biscayne
  • Backcountry Gladeskiff Jonboat


  • Fly gear and tackle including flies (you’re welcome to bring your own as well)
  • Ice and water (you’re welcome to bring your own water in non-plastic containers)
  • All necessary licenses

Best Season: Year-round


  • Half Day (4hrs): $600
  • 3/4 Day (6hrs): $650
  • Full Day (8hrs): $700

Rates are for up to two anglers, add $50 for an additional angler. Rates are subject to change, contact Capt. Jason for official current rates.

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    Rising Tide Charters

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    What to Bring


    •   Features

      • Incredible movement from EP Craft Fur Brush tail
      • A bit more sparse with slimmer profile than EP A2Z
      • White/Chartreuse is a great all-around cleaner water snook, tarpon, jack fly.
      • Rust/Olive is a perfect back-country/canal dirty water fly for tarpon, snook, peacock, jacks.
      • Big eyes for predators to key into.
      • Want to tie your own? Full Kit available.
    •   Features

      • Great for offshore and inshore species
      • Tough, durable & realistic looking fly
      • Tied on a super sharp Gamakatsu SC15
      • #1/0 is 2″ long; #2/0 is 3″ long; #3/0 is 5″ long (no weedguard on #3/0)
    •   Features

      • Excellent gurgler pattern, triggers eats with wounded prey action
      • Foam is wide enough to suspend the fly on top while maintaining its aerodynamics
      • Folded front section moves a lot of water when stripped, EP Craft Fur Brush tail shows signs of life on pause
      • Great for peacocks, largemouths, backcountry snook & tarpon, and a variety of other fresh and saltwater predators
    •   Features

      • Buoyancy from head keeps fly right above eyes of moving tarpon
      • Prey-like movements from bunny collar and tail bring fly to life
      • Polar fiber tail (Chartreuse/Yellow & Purple/Black)
      • Craft fur tail (Dirty Olive & Tan/Orange)
      • Two-prong style weedguard
    •   Features

      • Lands softly, bead chain eyes for super shallow water reds
      • New heavy version with Double Pupil Lead Eyes for Louisiana and deeper water redfish
      • Black/purple excellent for dark, muddy water
      • Olive/rust for shallow grass flats
      • Single prong weedguard
      • Tied by Jesse Lebrecht of W8ight Flies
    •   Features

      • Capt. Bob LeMay's iconic tarpon dredging fly
      • Lots of natural movement, no unwanted buoyancy
      • 6″ long, large profile for tarpon in deep and murky water to lock on to
      • Bead chain eyes help sink rate and provide a slight rattle
      • In addition to tarpon, very effective on large predators including pike, sharks, golden dorado and cobia
    • Features

      • Perfect for Peacock, Tarpon, Snakeheads, Snook, Jacks and many more.
      • Weedgaurd to protect you from mangroves and weeds.
      • Large eyes to draw in predators.
      • Magnum Rabbit tail.
      • Pushes water for lateral line vibration.
    • EP Peanut Butter – 3/0 Black/Purple
    • Tarpon/Pike Snake – 3/0 Black
    • Megalopsicle – 1/0 Chartreuse/Yellow, 1/0 Purple Black
    • Brushy Baitfish – #2 Grey/Orange
    • Redfish Mariboo – 1/0 Olive/Rust
    • EP Top Water – 2/0 White/Treuse
    • Tikka – 2/0


    •   Features

      • Matte Midnight blank
      • Reel seat is type III anodized aluminum Midnight black w/Matte Midnight carbon insert
      • Blue accent wrap, black/black main wraps
      • REC recoil snake guides, SiC/titanium stripping guides
      • Reinforced blank increases loop strength and dampens vibration for straighter tracking and a truer cast
      • American made
    • Features

      • Better Spool efficiency.
      • Lighter and stronger then ever.
      • Sealed drag.
      • The matte type II anodized finish.
      • Smoothed out the reel foot as on for kink-free leader protection.
    •   Features

      • Designed to balance perfectly with lighter rods
      • Zero start-up inertia and precise low-end control protects light tippets
      • Lighter version of the sealed and maintenance-free carbon and stainless steel disc drag
      • Adjusts from zero to full drag in a single drag knob rotation
      • 30% lighter and 30% narrower than Mirage
      • Strong, yet lightweight, 6061 T6 aluminum, type II anodizing
    •   Features

      • Sealed, maintenance-free carbon and stainless steel disk drag adjusts from zero to full drag in a single drag knob rotation
      • Patent-pending drag provides smooth drag adjustments in the fishing and fish-fighting range
      • Super large arbor machined in the USA from strong, yet lightweight 6061 T6 aluminum barstock
      • Military-spec type III hard coat anodizing
      • Titanium shaft adds strength without weight and fully radiused reel foot prevents kinked leaders
    • An 8 or 9 weight with floating line for snook, redfish and baby tarpon
    • An 11 or 12 weight with intermediate sinking line for big tarpon

    Capt. Jason can provide all gear and tackle, if you’d like to bring your own these are his outfit size and fly recommendations

    • Sun protective clothing
    • Brimmed hat
    • Rain jacket
    • Sunscreen
    • Polarized sunglasses
    • Bug spray (all natural if possible)
    • Bring whatever snacks and lunch you would like
    • You may bring a camera, a waterproof case or bag is recommended
    • Water is provided, if you’re going to bring your own please try to use non-plastic containers
    Everglades Tarpon

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