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  •   Features

    • Large arbor format
    • IPX8 Certified Waterproof
    • Cobalt hybrid drag system
    • Large easy grip drag knob and handle
    • US made drag
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  •   Features

    • Large arbor
    • USA machined 6061 Aluminum, stainless steel
    • Updated spool geometry for enhanced retrieve rates
    • Opened porting to reduce weight.
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  •   Features

    • Full radiused compound curves, near zero-radius inside corners
    • Cast parts machined in critical areas amplifying the best aspects of the process
    • Components critical to the drag system are CNC machined here in the US
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  • Features

    • Large Arbor
    • Sealed Conical Drag
    • Smooth as butter.
    • Lightweight reel.
    • Extremely durable.
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  • Features

    • Incredibly lightweight.
    • Large arbor to keep up with fast retrive.
    • Smooth as butter, fully sealed drag.
    • Bullet proof build design for insane durablility
    • Smooth drag knob with easy grip while fighting fish.
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  •   Features

    • large arbor
    • Constructed from machined 6061 Aluminum and stainless steel
    • Narrow spool prevents line barreling
    • Outer diameter and inboard handle improve retrieve rate
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Showing all 6 results

Stay connected with high-performance fly fishing reels

You tied or chose the right fly, you got it in front of the fish and it ate, now when that fish takes off we believe you should have such faith in your reel’s performance that you can enjoy the jumps and blistering runs without even thinking about the reel. That’s why we only stock fly reels that we ourselves have full confidence in.

Our selection of fly fishing reels comes from the industry leading manufacturers: Abel, Hatch, Nautilus, Orvis, Redington, Sage, Tibor and Waterworks Lamson. These brands know the game. They understand how a reel needs to perform throughout an entire tarpon battle as well as how smooth a drag system needs to be to protect light tippet when a bonefish bolts. As with anything with small parts, the time may come when your reel needs maintenance or repair. Every reel in our selection comes with a 25 year to the lifetime warranty and the repair department of each manufacturer is top notch.

Choosing the right fly fishing reel

Sealed or unsealed drag system, weight, retrieval rate, backing capacity, strength & durability, budget – these are some of the most important factors that go into choosing a fly reel. While most reels are well rounded in their own niches, for example virtually all the 8 weight reels in our selection are well suited for everything from bass to snook to bonefish, it can be said that certain reels excel in certain applications. Based on your needs the decision can be made fairly easily between a 10 weight reel with a ton of backing capacity that will balance a stouter, heavier rod for dredging sinking line and offshore work, vs. a super lightweight 10 weight reel with a high retrieval rate delivering large arbor for permit and some tarpon situations. Whether your research is just beginning and you’re loaded with questions or your research ends here and you just need that last little assurance, our fly fishing experts love talking reels and are standing by ready to help.

All reels come spooled for free with Cortland Micron backing, your choice of color. If you’re getting a new fly line with your reel and you’d like it to be installed on the reel before shipping please let us know in the notes section of the checkout page. Reels ship free anywhere in the United States.