Tying A Different Fly Everyday For 1 Year Straight | Shop Boy Richie

Do you ever wonder what it would look like to tie a new fly every day for a year straight? Richie, AKA “Shop boy Richie” did and wanted to see if he could challenge himself.

Challenging yourself can be a daunting task with anything in life. It takes dedication to keep trying new things or things you aren’t good at and want to improve on.

Richie wanted to challenge himself and dedicate one day, every day to fly tying. A different experiment and method of tying from large saltwater patterns to tiny dry flies. There is no rhyme or reason for what he ties or when he tries, he simply just gets it done. From inspiration via Instagram, Google, magazines, and better yet good friends cheering him along. He is currently on day 101 of 365 and firing on all cylinders.

In Richie’s words: “I wanted to tie better, it made sense to be a better all-around tyer”

We know the fly fishing community is a pretty small but quickly growing sport. For someone to take on this adventure, it would be awesome if we can come together and give a little motivation, inspiration, and maybe even a fly suggestion or two for him to give a shot at! Follow along with his journey on Instagram where he is posting daily!

Follow along with his journey at @reelingrichie

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