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How to Tie: Bunny Tarpon Toad

Difficulty: intermediate

55% difficulty

Time: 10-15 minutes

45% timely

Cost: average

average cost
About these metrics

Imitates: ambiguous/something tasty

Target species: tarpon

Where to fish: flats, backcountry

Notes: If we could only fish one fly for tarpon.. it'd be the toad! Black/purple, tan/peach are the other go-to colors

Save 10% on materials with the kit:

About the fly:

The tarpon toad is an essential tarpon fly. If we could only have one it would be this one. If we could have just two, one would be the chartreuse 1/0 variation in the video, the second would be a 2/0 black/purple variation. Below is the exact list of color/size materials we use in the video. But as always the beauty of fly tying is your ability to customize colors and sizes to your needs.

Helpful tools/additional materials:

For flattening tips of mono:
For creating the dubbing loop:
For poking hole in rabbit strip for guard:


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