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How To Tie: Flexo Crab

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Flexo Crab Materials Kit
Flexo Crab Materials Kit - #2 Tan $44.83 0 available

Flexo Crab Materials Kit – #2 Tan Includes:

  • Thread: Ultra Thread 210 – Tan
  • Hook: Tiemco 811S – #2 25pk
  • Body: Flexo-Cord – Tan 1/4″
  • Weight: Lead Eyes – Med Plated Silver
  • Eyes: EP Crab/Shrimp Eyes – Amber Sm
  • Legs/Claws: Ultra Chenille – Standard Tan
  • Markings (not included in kit above): Prismacolor Markers – Dark Brown
  • Tip Markings (not included in kit above): Prismacolor Markers – Orange

The origin of this fly is a little mysterious, we believe this variation that we’ve tied for the video is Alphonse Atoll (Seychelles) guide Alec Gerbec’s version redubbed the Alphlexo Crab. While the original Flexo was tied by New Orleans guide Richard Whitner with rubber legs and hackle claws as opposed to chenille.

What’s not mysterious is the effectiveness of this little crab. We like the chenille legged version for the realistic profile and movement, especially for permit. We also carry the hackle version from Fulling Mill, and can see (being that it was originated by a New Orleans guide) how the seductive movement of the hackle would be a trigger for redfish.

Either way the permeable body allows the fly to sink quick and true, as well as to track straight. Permit from the Caribbean to the Indian Ocean can be seduced by the Flexo Crab.

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