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How to Tie: Pass Frog

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Pass Frog Material Kit Photo
Pass Frog Materials Kit - Black #1/0 $29.49 2 available

Pass Frog Materials Kit – 1/0 Black Includes:

  • Thread: Ultra Thread 210 – Black
  • Hook: Umpqua XS435 – 1/0
  • Legs: Cohen’s Frog Legs – Med
  • Body: Fly Foam 2mm – Black

Part frog, part gurgler, the Pass Frog is all action. Our Mike P drew up this pattern out of necessity for a totally weedless frog that was slim and light enough to throw accurately on a 6 weight.

Snakeheads were the reason for the Pass Frog’s creation and it did not disappoint. It can be thrown up onto the bank or into thick vegetation where the snakeheads are waiting to demolish their amphibious prey. Black provides a great frog shaped silhouette especially in murky water, green or yellow would also be great color variations in clearer water.

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