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How To Tie: The Shark Bait Fly

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Shark Bait Material Kit
Shark Bait Fly Materials Kit - Blood Red #5/0 $40.25 1 available

Shark Bait Materials Kit – 5/0 Red/Orange Includes:

  • Thread: Ultra Thread 210 – Red
  • Hook: Ahrex SA270 – 5/0
  • Tail: Schlappen 5-7″ – Hot Orange
  • Tail: Schlappen 5-7″ – Red
  • Tail: Strung Marabou – Fl Fire Orange
  • Flash: Dyed-Pearl Flashabou – Pearl/Orange
  • Head: Deer Belly Hair – Red

The Shark Bait fly is a half a chicken on a hook, it has the size and and movement needed to entice the ocean’s top predators into rolling back their eyes and taking an easy bite. For whatever reason – looks like blood or it’s just highly visible – red and orange are classic effective shark fly colors.

The buoyant deer hair makes this fly float. It was designed to sit on top of the water, literally sit no stripping, and allow the current to do all the real work: subtly moving the hackle while bringing sharks into your chum slick.

Capt. Scott Hamilton brought this fly into the limelight by effectively using it for Spinner Sharks in Palm Beach.

Here are the materials to come up with your own Shark Bait variations

You can tie this fly smaller (1/0 or 2/0) and use less deer hair to make it more of a slider for the small sharks that roam the flats.

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