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OFFS Angled Flush Cutters review

A Tying Desk Necessity

Don’t ruin scissors cutting bead chains and brushes, use these!

When it comes to prepping material, cutting out brushes, rigging up leaders, or just having a sharp pair of angled cutters sitting around, these have proven themself countless times. These cutters are razor sharp, have a pointed tips (that allow you to make closer cuts), feel great in the hand, and are just an all around great tool.
Perfect for cutting bead chain eyes, trimming out brushes and cutting the metal core of brushes (Such as EP). They also make extremely effortless cuts on heavier mono/fluorocarbon lines and single/multi-stand wires if need be.

Ole Florida Angled Flush Cutters
OFFS Angled Flush Cutters - Black $8.99 206 available

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