How To Tie The Wiredipity Trout Nymph

Tying the Wiredipity trout nymph

The Wiredipity was shop owner Darren Selznick’s go-to trout nymph back when he was guiding in southern Colorado. Incredibly fast & easy to tie, the Wiredipity is perfect for the seasoned trout angler looking to bang out a batch of flies for the season, as well as for the saltwater angler going to try his hand at trout fishing. There isn’t a trout stream Darren has fished in which the Wiredipity didn’t produce.

The fly can be tied with brass Cyclops Bead Eyes if you need it to sink slower, however the Tungsten Bomb Bead is so effective because of how quickly it sinks when drifting the fly. You can mix and match wire colors to show the fish something different, we’ve found Red/Gray, Red/Black and Chartreuse/Gray to be the most reliable.

Wiredipity Materials:

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