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How to Tie: Bunny Tarpon Toad

Save 10% on Materials with the Kit

  • Tarpon Toad Video Tutorial


    • Kit includes:
    • Chartruse/Yellow | Black/Purple
    • Thread: Ultra Thread 210 – Chartreuse | Black (Or Danville 210 Denier Flat Waxed Nylon in Fl Green | Black depending on availability)
    • Hook: Gamakatsu SL12S Short – 1/0
    • Foul-Guard: Mason Hard Type Nylon – 16lb
    • Tail: Rabbit Zonker Strip – Chartreuse | Black
    • Flash: Krystal Flash – Fl Chartreuse | UV Purple
    • Collar: Rabbit Strips Crosscut – Yellow | Purple
    • Eyes: Mono Eyes – Black Large
    • Body: EP Fibers – Green Chartreuse | Black
    • Save 10% vs buying separate.

Bunny Tarpon Toad Materials

Helpful Tools

The tarpon toad is an essential tarpon fly. If we could only have one it would be this one. If we could have just two, one would be the chartreuse 1/0 variation in the video, the second would be a 2/0 black/purple variation. Below is the exact list of color/size materials we use in the video. But as always the beauty of fly tying is your ability to customize colors and sizes to your needs.

1/0 Chartreuse Bunny Tarpon Toad

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