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How to Tie: Giacobba’s Blue Claw

Save 10% on Materials with the Kit

  • Blue Claw Video Tutorial


    • Kit Includes:
    • (1) Ultra Thread 140 – Fl Orange
    • (1)Gamakatsu B10S #2 (25Pk)
    • (1)Bead Chain Eyes – Small Black
    • (1)Estaz- Amber Orange
    • (1)Extra-Select Craft Fur – Orangutan Rust or Medium Brown*
    • (1)Flashabou – Pearl
    • (1)Barred Saddle Hackle – Grey/Black or White/Black*
    • (1)Mason – 16lb Hard Mono
    • Save 10% Vs buying seperate.
    • Blue marker is not included. Use PrismaColor Marker in Aquamarine or a blue Sharpie.
    • *Interchangeable colors due to availability of the material, provides for near identical finished flies (100% identical as far as the redfish is concerned)

Capt. Mark Giacobba’s Blue Claw instantly became our favorite tailing redfish fly after fishing it. The fly lands softly, it’s weedless, and it seems to be absolutely what the redfish are looking for when their faces are dug into seagrass. The original variation in the video is the go-to pattern, but also tying some with a purple collar and black tail (or visa versa) is a good idea for dirtier water when the fish don’t seem to be seeing the original variation well.

Blue Claw #2 (original blue claw variation)

Use a blue marker to color the tip. We recommend the Ultramarine colored PrismColor Marker.

Redfish Blue Claw Fly

Here Are the Materials to come up with your own Blue Claw Variations

Helpful Tools

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