New At The Shop: Patagonia Gear For When Cold Fronts Bring Hot Fishing

New At The Shop: Patagonia Winter Gear

We’ve all been here: the air temperature is lower than the water temperature and dropping, it’s the beginning of a cold front and the fish know something’s up. They’ll be on a warpath to find warmer water, eating everything and anything they can along the way.

Problem is, running to your favorite spots on a chilly morning can be a very uncomfortable experience if you’re not prepared, especially on a boat. We know the feeling that’s why we recently stocked up on some Patagonia gear to keep you warm and focused on the water this winter.

Patagonia Beanie Hat

The Patagonia Beanie Hat is the perfect companion for your ears and head while running through the bay during a cold front. For all day comfort and warmth, the Beanie Hat features a 2-layer moisture-wicking blend of 55% polyester and 45% fine-gauge, chlorine-free merino wool from the grasslands of Patagonia. The polyester band inside the hat adds fast moisture wicking and a snug fit. [Shop Now]

Patagonia Lined Beanie

The Patagonia Lined Beanie has one job to do, keep your ears and head warm in the chilliest fishing conditions you can think of. With its blend of 45% weather-resistant, chlorine-free merino wool from the grasslands of Patagonia and 55% fast-drying polyester for durability, quick-to-dry performance and all-day comfort, the Lined Beanie excels at its job. The 100% polyester fleece lining wicks moisture and keeps the hat in place even while running the boat. [Shop Now]

Patagonia Men's Micro D Pullover

When the fishing’s hot but the air is chilled, pull over the Patagonia Men’s Micro D Pullover for warmth and comfort. The quick-drying 100% polyester microfleece wicks moisture and keeps warmth in cast after cast.

The Men’s Micro D Pullover has a stand-up collar that protects your neck from sun and wind, and a low-profile design for comfort under a jacket. [Shop Now]

Patagonia Women's Micro D 1/4 Zip Fleece feature

Patagonia Women's Micro D 1/4 Zip Fleece

The Patagonia Women’s Micro D 1/4 Zip Fleece is woven from Patagonia’s ultra-soft, lightest-weight polyester microfleece to keep bulk down, warmth up, and comfort an all day thing. The 85% recycled microfleece material is bound together with princess seams for a contoured fit under a jacket.

The Women’s Micro D 1/4 Zip is quick-drying and features a stand-up double-fleece collar for sun and wind protection, making it a comfortable choice for chilly day adventures on the water. [Shop Now]

In addition to winter gear we also brought in some new styles & colors of Patagonia shirts and hats that are sure to make great holiday gifts for anyone that enjoys the outdoors.

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