Sage Igniter Fly Rod Review

Sage Igniter Review

It’s a lineage engineered for a specific purpose. To be the ultra-fast instrument that fears no wind, adds a new gear to line speed, takes distance the extra mile, and cannot be overpowered.

It started with the TCR which was revolutionary for its time. Then came the TCX, then the Method which gained a cult-like following amongst saltwater guides and anglers. Now, birthed from the fire, is the Sage Igniter.

True to its bloodline, the Igniter is full of power from tip to butt. In the hands of a caster capable of quickly and efficiently generating line speed, the Igniter goes further, goes faster, and goes straighter than its predecessors. But this wasn’t Sage’s only area of focus on this rod. Konnetic HD technology shaved weight and provided more feel. Feel. Not something the Igniter’s older siblings were typically known for.

The lighter rod allows casters to feel the line and drive it to the target. As opposed to dumping it out there.

Sage Igniter Fly Rod Profile

A muscle car and a sports car can be made to get to speed in the same amount of time, but the sports car is going to have better control around the corner. That, to us, is what separates the Igniter from its predecessors and competition.

This rod does not fit everyone’s ability, style or situation. It best serves the saltwater angler, the meaty streamer thrower, and the musky angler. Of whom are not only capable of generating incredible line speed, but are also in need of a rod that can’t be overpowered by carrying too much line, too heavy of a bug or too stiff of a wind.

If you’re in the market for a new rod and the description above fits you, you can order the Sage Igniter here.

Sage Igniter

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